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Have you ever wondered what the 0297 network is? Many people are curious when they come across this area code. In this article, we will provide you with detailed explanations to answer all your questions!

What is the 0297 Network?

The 0297 area code is managed by VinaPhone – VNPT, a telecom service provider. It is the area code for Kiên Giang province, which has been in use since April 2017, following the decision to switch telephone area codes for provinces throughout the country.

To differentiate it from other area codes, the Kiên Giang region no longer uses the 077 area code and has transitioned to the 0297 area code. When making calls to the 0297 area code, you need to convert the old area code to successfully connect the call.

The Significance of Numbers in the 0297 Area Code

Each number in a landline area code holds its own unique meaning, impacting the owner’s career, health, and finances. Let’s explore some interesting information about the numbers in the 0297 area code:

  • Number 0: It is neither an odd nor an even number, but it stands at the beginning of the number sequence. It symbolizes the root and origin of the vast universe. Number 0 is seen as a container for all beings and objects, representing a new beginning.

  • Number 2: It represents peace and happiness in numerology, especially in the context of harmony and balance between yin and yang. Number 2 also signifies stability and long-lasting existence.

  • Number 9: In numerology, number 9 is associated with many positive meanings. It represents dynamic energy, bringing growth and strong development. Additionally, number 9 is a symbol of continuous success.

  • Number 7: According to Feng Shui beliefs, number 7 is associated with a powerful force that wards off negative things. However, in terms of yin and yang, number 7 is also related to the month of wandering spirits and is considered by some as an unlucky number. Nonetheless, many people believe that number 7 brings luck and brings numerous positive things to its owner.

How to Use the 0297 Area Code After the Conversion

The conversion from the 077 area code to 0297 may cause some confusion, leading to misdialed calls to the old fixed numbers in Kiên Giang. Here are some important tips to ensure that your calls are not interrupted:

Update Your Phone Contacts

After completing the conversion process, you will no longer be able to reach subscribers with the old area code. Therefore, it’s crucial to update your phone contacts with the new area code to ensure successful communication.

From November 14, 2018, calls will only be successful if you dial the correct area code. So, if you haven’t updated your contacts yet, make sure to do it now!

Guide for Dialing the 0297 Area Code

To successfully call a number within the 0297 area code in Kiên Giang province, you need to use different dialing codes depending on your location:

  • If you are in Kiên Giang province, just dial the [Phone Number].
  • If you are outside of Kiên Giang province, dial 0297 + [Phone Number].
  • If you are calling from abroad, use the following format: 00 84 297 + [Phone Number] or + 84 297 + [Phone Number].

Call Charges for the 0297 Fixed Numbers

For fixed-line phone subscribers, making and receiving calls have specific charges determined by the telecom service provider. Here are the details:

  • Calls from abroad to the 0297 area code: Charges depend on the geographical location or international call rates.
  • Calls from a mobile phone to the 0297 area code: 1,090 VND per minute.
  • Calls from VNPT landline to the 0297 area code: 200 VND per minute.
  • Calls from VNPT landline to other provinces within VNPT’s network: 800 VND per minute.
  • Calls from VNPT landline to other provinces outside VNPT’s network: 891 VND per minute.

Please note that the listed call charges are for reference purposes, excluding VAT, and are subject to change.


Now you know what the 0297 network is all about! We hope this article has provided you with valuable information.

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