How to Close a Bag of Chips by Folding It

The Art of Folding: Keep Your Chips Fresh and Crispy


Opening a bag of chips is always exciting, but once it’s open, the countdown begins. How can you ensure that your chips stay fresh and crispy until the very last bite? Fear not, for we have a simple and creative solution to help you seal a bag of chips without a clip. In this article, we’ll explore two easy folding techniques that will keep your chips deliciously intact.

Method 1: The Simple Fold

When you find yourself without a bag clip, don’t worry! You can still seal your bag of chips by following these steps:

  1. Start by folding the top of the bag multiple times, squeezing out any excess air.
  2. Place a weight on the folds to keep the opening secured.
  3. Remember, this method is easy but may not keep the air out unless you store the opening under a heavy item.
  4. As the bag fills with more air, your chips will lose their freshness more quickly.

Method 2: The Advanced Fold

If you’re up for a challenge and want to achieve the ultimate seal, try the following technique:

  1. Fold the corners of the bag towards the center, layering them with a few more folds.
  2. With your thumbs in the corner folds, flip them over the bag’s top to create a perfectly airtight seal.
  3. Press down along the top of the bag after each fold to keep it closed.
  4. Be warned, the more folds you make, the greater the chance of the bag coming undone.
  5. This method creates the best seal but requires a little more work and may not be suitable for smaller bags.

Additional Tips

  • If you’re having trouble keeping the bag flat while folding, place a finger over the corner of the bag where you want to place your crease. Use your free hand to fold the corner over your index finger before sliding it out and pressing the crease down.
  • To keep the bag held down, use your middle, ring, and pinky fingers to press them into the table while folding.
  • Press your palm flat into the folded sections of the bag to flatten them.
  • Remember, the tension between the corners and the folds at the top will keep the bag sealed.


Now that you know these two tried-and-true folding techniques, you can confidently seal your bag of chips without a clip. Whether you opt for the simple fold or challenge yourself with the advanced fold, your chips will stay fresh and crispy until you’re ready to enjoy them. So go ahead and savor every last chip, knowing that you’ve mastered the art of sealing a bag of chips with expertise and finesse!

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Note: This article is for informational purposes only. Please exercise caution and follow proper food safety guidelines.

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