How Your Purchases Can Help People and the Planet


In our daily lives, even the simplest actions can have far-reaching consequences. Take shopping, for example. Many everyday products we purchase are made by people in countries with fewer labor and environmental regulations than the United States. However, thanks to the fair trade movement, we can make choices that have a positive impact instead of causing harm.

What is Fair Trade?

The global fair trade movement is dedicated to supporting ethical businesses, empowering farmers, laborers, and seafarers, and protecting the environment. It’s a cause we should all get behind!

How Does a Product Become Fair Trade CertifiedTM?

When you see the prestigious Fair Trade CertifiedTM seal on a product’s packaging, it means that the item meets rigorous social, economic, and environmental standards. Through close collaboration with producers, the Fair Trade USA team ensures that these products promote environmental consciousness, provide safe working conditions, and offer fair compensation for labor, among other criteria.

Why Should You Buy Fair Trade CertifiedTM Items?

By purchasing Fair Trade CertifiedTM products, you actively contribute to uplifting farmers and other producers. Your choices help them overcome poverty, foster community growth, and develop business skills to thrive in the global economy. At the same time, you are championing the cause of environmental preservation.

The Impact of the Fair Trade Movement

Since 1998, Fair Trade CertifiedTM purchases have made a monumental impact. Lives have been transformed, precious land and waterways have been safeguarded in 45 nations, and over $740 million has been directed to farmers and workers worldwide. It’s truly remarkable to think that our responsible shopping decisions can bring about such positive change.

How to Shop for Fair Trade CertifiedTM Items

Shopping responsibly is simple! Just look for the Fair Trade CertifiedTM emblem, and you can be confident that your purchase is making a difference. Explore a world of fair trade wonders, including coffee, chocolate, clothing, and makeup, by browsing the wide range of Fair Trade CertifiedTM products and shopping guides available.

When shopping for Fair Trade CertifiedTM items, it is important to look for products that have been ethically produced and meet the rigorous standards set by Fair Trade organizations. These items are typically marked with the Fair Trade CertifiedTM label, ensuring that the workers involved in their production have been paid fair wages and have been provided with safe working conditions. Additionally, purchasing Fair Trade CertifiedTM items helps to support sustainable farming practices and ensures that farmers and artisans in developing countries are able to earn a living wage.


Making responsible shopping choices can have a significant impact on people’s lives and the health of our planet. By buying Fair Trade CertifiedTM products, you support fair wages, safe working conditions, sustainable farming practices, and economic empowerment. So, let’s shop with purpose and make a positive ripple effect across the globe.

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