Biển Số Xe LD Là Gì? Lưu Ý Khi Sử Dụng, Chuyển Nhượng

Understanding LD License Plates

Have you ever come across car license plates with unfamiliar symbols like LD, NN, KT, or DA? Let’s explore what LD license plates are and their meanings in this article.

LD on license plates stands for “lien doanh” in Vietnamese, which translates to “joint venture” in English. A joint venture company is defined as a corporation established through collaboration between two or more parties, with its headquarters located in Vietnam. It can also refer to domestic companies that collaborate with foreign investors based on a joint venture agreement.

In essence, these license plates are assigned to vehicles owned by foreign-capital enterprises, vehicles leased by foreign partners, or vehicles belonging to foreign companies that have won contracts in Vietnam. LD license plates are one of the special types of license plates currently issued in Vietnam.

Special symbols on license plates
Một số ký hiệu đặc biệt trên biển số xe hiện nay

Can LD License Plates be Transferred or Re-registered?

Besides the question “What are LD license plates?” another commonly raised concern is whether these vehicles can be transferred or re-registered.

LD license plates can be transferred under appropriate circumstances as per Vietnamese law, including cases such as gifting, inheritance, and legal purchase.

Procedure for Transferring LD License Plates

When transferring LD license plates, you need to follow these procedures:

  • State the reason for transferring or re-registering the vehicle with an LD license plate, such as a sale, gift, or inheritance.
  • Create a contract for the transfer or sale of the vehicle.
  • Notarize the sale or gift contract at a notary office or the People’s Committee at the local ward or commune.
  • Within a maximum period of 30 days from the completion of the transfer or sale contract for LD license plates, the recipient of the vehicle must proceed with the re-registration. Failure to do so within this time frame may result in penalties.

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Documentation for Transferring LD License Plates

When transferring LD license plates, you should prepare a set of documents including:

  • Personal documents: ID card/citizen card, household registration book, etc. For foreigners, a passport and residence card are required.
  • VAT invoice.
  • Business registration certificate and decision on transfer or sale for the previous owner if they are an organization.
  • Vehicle registration certificate.
  • Purchase or gift contract for the vehicle.
  • Inspection certificate.
  • Transfer declaration form.
  • Chassis and engine numbers.
  • License plate (for 4-digit plates).
  • Other relevant vehicle documents.

Process for Re-registering LD License Plates for Vehicles

The specific steps for re-registering LD license plates for vehicles are as follows:

  1. Complete the necessary documents and the purchase or gift contract for the vehicle.
  2. Retrieve the original vehicle documents from the previous owner’s province if the vehicle was purchased from a different province.
  3. Declare and pay the registration fee for LD license plates.
  4. Register the re-registration of the LD license plate vehicle at the competent police agency.
  5. Install the new license plate.
  6. Collect the results according to the appointment time with the relevant authorities.

During the process of transferring LD license plates, if any required documents are missing or do not meet the requirements, they will be returned for re-preparation.

Note when driving with LD license plates: When using a vehicle with LD license plates, it is essential to be cautious if the vehicle belongs to foreign individuals or organizations, as these vehicles may not have paid all the required taxes according to regulations. Therefore, when driving such a vehicle, make sure to have all the necessary documents and tax receipts in order.

Preparing necessary documents and tax receipts
Trong quá trình sử dụng cần lưu ý chuẩn bị các loại giấy tờ, chứng từ thuế đầy đủ của xe

In conclusion, this article has provided information about LD license plates, their meanings, and important considerations when using vehicles with LD license plates. We hope that users now have a clearer understanding and feel more confident when driving this type of vehicle on Vietnamese roads.

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