Boom hàng là gì? 4 cách ngăn chặn “boom hàng” cho chủ shop

Understanding the Phenomenon of “Boom Hàng”

“Boom hàng,” also known as “bùng hàng,” is a negative term used to criticize customers who place orders on online shops but do not answer calls or receive the products for various reasons. This issue commonly occurs for online shops that offer cash on delivery (COD) services. It causes significant losses for the shops, as they still have to pay for shipping and return the products to the delivery partners.

Boom hàng là gì? 4 cách ngăn chặn "boom hàng" cho chủ shop

There is no common characteristic that can help us identify customers who might “boom hàng” as it can happen anywhere, to any age group, and with any type of product.

The Damages Caused by “Boom Hàng” to Online Shop Owners

The consequences of “boom hàng” for online shop owners can be significant:

  • Economic losses: Shop owners have to bear the costs of shipping and returning the products, along with other fixed expenses such as staff, communication, consultation, and order management.
  • Time and effort wasted on consultation, packaging, and delivery.
  • Damage to the quality of goods during transportation, especially for perishable or easily damaged products.
  • Lengthy return process: For seasonal products like mooncakes or Tet candies, the delay in returning the products directly affects their quality and marketability.
  • Psychological impact on shop owners: The enthusiasm and trust in customers may diminish due to the frustrations and disappointments caused by “boom hàng.”

Boom hàng gây hại gì cho người kinh doanh online?

Reasons behind “Boom Hàng” and Unclaimed Orders

There are several reasons why customers “boom hàng” on online shops:

1. Considering “Boom Hàng” as Fun

Although it may seem strange, some individuals view “boom hàng” as a source of amusement and entertainment, similar to making prank calls to customer service representatives. They carry out this act repeatedly, targeting random online shops without any specific motives.

2. Changing Customer Needs

Customers often compare products and prices, and when they come across a better deal elsewhere, they may cancel their orders from your shop. Additionally, if the process of order preparation and delivery takes longer than expected, it reflects poorly on the shop owner.

3. Unethical Competition

In the competitive business world, unethical practices such as “boom hàng” are not uncommon. Some shop owners employ fake social media accounts or multiple phone numbers to sabotage their competitors by canceling orders.

nắm bắt tâm lý

Preventing “Boom Hàng” for Your Shop

To minimize the occurrence of “boom hàng” for your online shop, consider implementing these strategies:

1. Get to Know Your Customers

Thoroughly researching your customers’ information through their social media profiles and messaging apps like Facebook or Zalo can help reduce the risk of “boom hàng.” Additionally, keep a record of all conversations with customers to have evidence in case of disputes.

2. Understand Customers’ Psychology during Consultations

When a potential customer shows interest in a product, they usually conduct thorough research on factors such as prices, materials, and shipping fees. If a first-time customer places an order without asking questions or seeking advice, there is a higher chance of experiencing “boom hàng.” Consider adding them to a blacklist to prevent further issues.

Thay đổi hình thức thanh toán

3. Establish a Clear Return and Exchange Policy

Some customers might exploit loopholes in your return and exchange policy. To minimize this, create strict and detailed regulations. Clearly communicate which products can be returned, the conditions for returns, and the duration for processing returns. Implement a quality control process for your orders, including documenting the packaging process and the condition of products before shipping.

4. Change Your Payment Method

Switching from cash on delivery (COD) to other payment methods can be an effective and secure solution. You can require customers to make a deposit of 20-50% of the total order value to establish trust. With this approach, even if a customer decides to “boom hàng,” you will still have some compensation for other expenses.

By applying these preventive measures, you can minimize the occurrence of “boom hàng” and protect your online shop from financial loss and psychological distress.

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