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Paper tree decoration
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1. Materials for Making Paper Trees

To create a beautiful paper tree, you’ll need the following materials: green colored paper sheets (choose four different shades); green leaf templates; foam balls with a diameter similar to that of the pot’s opening, along with the pot itself; dried moss; plaster of Paris. Additional tools include tape, scissors, glue gun, and bamboo skewers.

2. How to Make a Paper Tree

To make stunning paper trees, follow these steps:

Step 1: Use tape to cover all the holes in the bottom of the pot. Then, insert a long bamboo skewer through the foam ball to create the trunk of the tree. Fill the pot with mixed plaster of Paris, leaving a 3cm distance from the pot’s opening.

Step 2: Next, insert the skewer with the foam ball attached into the plaster in the pot. Let it dry. Then, use the leaf templates to trace and cut out leaves from the colored paper. It’s best to cut as many leaves as possible. After that, use these leaves to glue onto the foam ball. Gently fold the leaves to create a natural-looking leaf vein.

Step 3: Paint the outside of the tree trunk with a light green color using a brush and let it dry for about 5 to 10 minutes. Use a glue gun to cover the foam with dried moss. Then, attach the cut leaves around the foam ball using the glue gun. In this step, it’s recommended to alternate different shades of leaves to create a fresher and more natural-looking tree.

Finished paper tree in a pot
Illustration of the finished paper tree

These are the instructions for making beautiful paper trees that are simple and easy to do at home. Get started on creating these green beauties to decorate your home this Tet holiday. Good luck!

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