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The Benefits of Tắc Ngâm Mật Ong for Health

Before learning how to make tắc ngâm mật ong, let’s explore the benefits of tắc and mật ong for your health.

Tắc, also known as quất, is a fruit belonging to the citrus family. It is rich in vitamin C and is often used to treat coughs and phlegm.

Combining tắc with mật ong during the seasonal transition can enhance your immune system and promote respiratory health. Some of the benefits include:

Boosting Immune Defense

By making tắc ngâm mật ong, the vitamin C in tắc combined with the antibacterial properties of mật ong can strengthen your immune system, support cell regeneration, and reduce the risk of common illnesses such as the flu and infections.

Supporting Digestive Health

Tắc contains dietary fiber, an essential component for maintaining a stable digestive system and preventing constipation and indigestion. Mật ong has been proven to stimulate the metabolic process and balance stomach acidity. Therefore, regularly consuming tắc ngâm mật ong can lead to a healthier digestive system and reduce the risk of stomach pain.

Replenishing Energy

Tắc ngâm mật ong is high in carbohydrates and riboflavin, which play a crucial role in producing and replenishing energy for your body. You can incorporate tắc ngâm mật ong into your daily drinks or consume it during exercise or physical activities.

Aiding in Weight Loss

Regular consumption of tắc ngâm mật ong can help with weight loss by reducing appetite. If you are overweight, drinking tắc ngâm mật ong before meals or in the morning can be beneficial.

Promoting Smooth Skin

Another advantage of making tắc ngâm mật ong is its beauty benefits. The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in tắc ngâm mật ong can protect your skin from sun damage, reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots, and improve skin hydration.

How to Make Tắc Ngâm Mật Ong Flavorful and Effective for Treating Coughs

Let’s head to the kitchen and follow these steps to make flavorful and effective tắc ngâm mật ong.


  • Tắc fruit
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Mật ong
  1. Prepare the Tắc Fruit:

    • Fill a clean bowl with water.
    • Dissolve a small amount of salt in the bowl of water.
    • Soak the tắc fruit in the salty water for 15 minutes.
    • Remove the tắc fruit from the water, let it drain, and cut the fruit in half.
  2. Extract the Tắc Juice and Prepare the Tắc Peel:

    • Squeeze the cut tắc fruit through a strainer to extract the juice.
    • Cut the tắc peel into small pieces.
  3. Cook the Tắc Peel with Sugar and Mật ong:

    • In a pot, add 1kg of sugar to water and stir well.
    • When the sugar is almost dissolved, add the tắc peel pieces.
    • Stir and bring the mixture to a boil, then add a small amount of salt.
    • Continue to boil, skim off any foam, and turn off the heat.
    • Add 200ml of mật ong to the mixture and stir well.
    • Let the mixture cool completely, then transfer it into a glass jar for future use.

Following these simple steps, making tắc ngâm mật ong to treat your baby’s cough is not difficult at all.

Things to Know When Using Tắc Ngâm Mật Ong

While tắc ngâm mật ong has many health benefits, there are a few points to keep in mind when using it:

  • Not Suitable for Infants Under 1 Year Old: Honey can cause botulism in infants. If your baby has a cough, you can make tắc chưng đường phèn as an alternative remedy.
  • Not Recommended for Diabetic Individuals: Mật ong is high in sugar, so individuals with diabetes, low blood pressure, or those taking medication should avoid consuming tắc ngâm mật ong.
  • Excessive Consumption may cause Heatiness: Mật ong has warming properties, so excessive consumption of tắc ngâm mật ong can lead to internal heatiness.

A Few Words from AVAKids

These are the relevant information regarding how to make tắc ngâm mật ong to treat your baby’s cough. AVAKids hopes that this article provides parents with additional knowledge for using traditional remedies for their children.

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