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Are you struggling to read small text on your computer screen? If you find it difficult to accurately read texts, especially on large screens, we have good news for you. Now, you can make the text bigger and easier to read on your Windows system.

In this article, we will walk you through the steps to change the text size and make it larger within your Windows system or web browser. Whether you’re using Windows 10 or browsing the web, these simple steps will help you adjust the text size according to your preference.

Changing the System Text Size on Windows 10

Follow these easy steps to adjust the text size within your Windows 10 system:

  1. Right-click on your desktop and select “Display settings.”
  2. Drag the slider labeled “Change the size of text, apps…” to the right to increase the size or to the left to decrease it. The slider moves in increments of 25%, allowing you to increase the size up to 175%.
  3. You will see the text size change immediately, but not everything will appear larger or smaller until you restart your computer or log in and out. If you’re satisfied with the text size, you can stop here.
  4. However, if you want to further customize the scaling or adjust the font size of specific UI elements (e.g., title bars, icons), continue to step 3.
  5. Click on “Advanced Display Settings” at the bottom of the settings window.
  6. Click on “Advanced sizing of text and other items.”
  7. A screen with various display options will appear. From here, you can choose either A.) Set a custom percentage scale (e.g., 115%) or B.) Fine-tune the font size of specific components such as menus and icons.
  8. Click on “Set a custom scaling level” under “Change size of items.”
  9. A pop-up window will appear with a small ruler in it. Click the percentage box, enter a number, and click “OK.” Experiment with different sizes until you find the one you like.
  10. Select the UI component you want to change, choose the font size, and select “Bold” if you want the text to appear in bold. Repeat these steps as necessary for Title bars, Menus, Message boxes, Palette titles, Icons, and Tool tips.
  11. Click “Apply.” Windows may make you wait or ask you to log out and log back in (in rare cases) before you see the changes take effect.

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Now, with these simple adjustments, you can effortlessly increase the text size on your Windows 10 system, ensuring a comfortable reading experience.

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