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The Academy of Finance (AOF), located in Co Nhue, is one of the leading institutions in the field of economics. It has been attracting a lot of attention from students and parents alike. Many people have questions about how to calculate the score for the Academy of Finance. In this article, we will explore the comprehensive answer to these questions.

Requirements for Admission to the Academy of Finance

Eligibility and Admission Criteria

To be eligible for admission, you must have completed high school (THPT) in Vietnam or hold an equivalent foreign diploma recognized by the academy.

Candidate requirements for admission include:

  • Meeting the minimum entrance qualification set by the Academy of Finance.
  • Being physically fit to comply with the regulations.
  • Providing the required personal information and application documents.

Academy of Finance

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Admission Process

Admission is based on the results of the National High School Graduation Exam that year. The academy does not use scores from previous national exams for admission.

The Academy of Finance admits undergraduate students through the following groups:

  • Group A00 (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)
  • Group A01 (Mathematics, Physics, English)
  • Group D01 (Mathematics, Literature, English)
  • Group D07 (Mathematics, Chemistry, English)

The Foreign Language score is multiplied by 2. In the case of university-level programs, including English, Chinese, German, Japanese, French, and Korean, the minimum score for the Foreign Language subject in the high school graduation exam is 6.0.

How to Calculate the Score for the Academy of Finance

In addition to direct admission methods, there are also methods based on scores. Reviewedu has compiled the calculation methods for these approaches below.

Calculation method based on the National High School Graduation Exam results

For subjects without coefficient factors:

Usually, for subjects without coefficient factors in the admission combination, the score for university admission can be calculated using the following formula:

Admission Score = Subject 1 Score + Subject 2 Score + Subject 3 Score + Priority Score (if applicable)


  • Subject 1, Subject 2, and Subject 3 are the scores of subjects in the university admission combination for each student.
  • Priority Score is calculated according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and each university.

For subjects with coefficient factors:

The Academy of Finance applies a coefficient factor of 2 to the English subject. The calculation formula for university admission score is as follows:

Admission Score (out of 40) = Subject 1 Score + Subject 2 Score + English Subject Score x 2 + Priority Score (if applicable)

Calculation method based on International English Certificates and National High School Graduation Exam results

The admission target group consists of candidates holding international English certificates equivalent to TOEFL iBT 55, IELTS 5.5, Cambridge FCE, or SAT scores from 1050/1600 or ACT scores from 22. Additionally, candidates must achieve a minimum total score of 11 in the combination of Math – Literature or Math – Physics or Math – Chemistry.

The calculation method for the Academy of Finance is as follows:

Admission Score = Subject 1 Score + Subject 2 Score + Subject 3 Score + Priority Score (if applicable)


  • Subject 1 is the Math score.
  • Subject 2 is the Literature/Physics/Chemistry score.
  • Subject 3 is the English score converted according to the following certificates:

Conversion Chart

Calculation method based on the results of the National University Entrance Examination of Hanoi University

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must have a minimum average score of 7.0 in the five semesters of the Foreign Language subject and a minimum score of 100 in the subject-based exam. Candidates can register one choice for this method. The exam scores are as follows:

  • Score Scale: 150
  • Quantitative Reasoning section: 50 points (50 questions, 70 minutes)
  • Verbal Reasoning section: 50 points (50 questions, 60 minutes)
  • Science section (choose either Natural Sciences or Social Sciences): 50 points (50 questions, 60 minutes)

The exam is computer-based, with each correct answer receiving 1 point and no points deducted for incorrect answers.

Admission Score = Quantitative Reasoning Score + Verbal Reasoning Score + Science Section Score

Using the result of the aptitude test conducted by Hanoi University will be converted to a scale of 30 points, with the specific conversion formula as follows:

Conversion Score (out of 30) = Aptitude Test Score x 30/150

Calculation method based on the results of the Aptitude Test

This is the calculation method for the aptitude test at Hanoi University of Science and Technology:

  • Score Scale: 30
  • Mathematics section: 15 points (25 multiple-choice questions worth 10 points and 2 essays worth 5 points)
  • Reading Comprehension section: 5 points (35 multiple-choice questions)
  • Natural Sciences section: 10 points (45 multiple-choice questions)
  • English section: 10 points (50 multiple-choice questions worth 7 points and 1 essay worth 3 points)

Candidates must take the Math and Reading Comprehension sections. For the optional section, candidates can choose to take the Natural Sciences or English section. Hence, there are two calculation methods:

Admission Score = Math Score + Reading Comprehension Score + Natural Sciences Score

Admission Score = Math Score + Reading Comprehension Score + English Score

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Points to Note in Calculating the Score for the Academy of Finance

Although these admission methods are no longer unfamiliar, there are still some points to note:

  • The Academy of Finance’s admission board will set the minimum qualifying score.
  • In cases where the number of candidates who meet the admission score exceeds the expected number of students to be admitted to each major, the university will prioritize candidates with higher scores and higher preferences.
  • Candidates can register multiple preferences and arrange them in order of priority, from highest to lowest.
  • Candidates who are admitted will not be considered for admission through other admission methods.
  • Depending on the actual situation and the number of applications received through each method, the university will adjust the admission quotas between methods and quotas for each group of majors. The university will announce the admission results for each method to ensure the best interests of the candidates.
  • Candidates are officially recognized as admitted only when they have a valid high school graduation diploma (or decision).


The above are the calculation methods for the Academy of Finance scores compiled by Reviewedu. We hope that this knowledge will be helpful in providing you with opportunities to enter the university. Good luck with your studies and have a fantastic admission season!

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