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Factors to Consider When Determining the Height and Distance for Wall-Mounted TVs

Today, many families choose to install wall-mounted TVs to save space and enhance the aesthetics and modernity of their homes. However, do you know at what height it is appropriate to hang the TV for comfortable viewing? Let’s explore the ideal height and safety considerations for wall-mounted TVs.

1. Factors That Influence the Height and Distance for Wall-Mounted TVs

In recent years, TV manufacturers have prioritized slim and lightweight designs, making it easier to hang them on the wall and save space in your home. However, improper TV height and distance can lead to neck strain, eye fatigue, and suboptimal viewing experiences.

To avoid these issues, you should consider the room layout, lighting conditions, your preferred viewing posture (sitting, standing, or lying down), whether you frequently change positions while watching, the distance from which you will be watching, screen resolution, TV size, and audio and visual quality.

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2. What is the Ideal Height for Wall-Mounted TVs?

For a Fixed Viewing Angle with Minimal Changes:

If you have a fixed viewing angle, such as when sitting on a sofa in the living room, you should consider the height of the seating furniture. Generally, you can place the TV at a height from the floor to the center of the screen between 90 – 120cm. In this case, the TV should be aligned with eye level, and a vertical wall mount is recommended.

Giá treo tivi thẳng, cố định

If you want to position the TV higher than eye level, you can use a tilting wall mount to adjust the TV downward for easy viewing. The average height for this scenario is around 120 – 150cm from the floor.

Giá treo tivi gật gù

For a Changing Viewing Angle:

If you prefer a more flexible lifestyle, where you watch TV, movies, or play games from various positions in the room, a swivel wall mount is the ideal choice. This type of wall mount allows you to adjust the TV in any direction according to your preference.

Trường hợp góc nhìn không cố định có thể chọn giá treo tivi xoay đa năng

A swivel wall mount is especially suitable for limited spaces, public business environments, or your own private room, where furniture arrangement changes frequently. The installation process for a swivel wall mount is similar to a tilting mount.

3. Consider the Viewing Distance from the TV

In addition to choosing the appropriate TV height and wall mount, you should also consider the viewing distance to ensure the most comfortable and immersive viewing experience, as well as to protect your eyes and posture.

It is important to note that the wider the TV screen, the farther away you should sit to avoid eye strain. Additionally, sitting too close to a large screen may reduce the overall viewing experience, as the entire screen may not be within your field of vision.

khoảng cách xem tivi được tính theo kích thước của tivi phù hợp

To determine the recommended viewing distance based on the TV size, please refer to the image above.

For further information and recommendations on TV wall mounting options, feel free to visit our website. We, at, are here to assist you in finding the perfect wall mount solution for your TV setup.

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