Đường cao tốc Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi dài bao nhiêu km?


The Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi highway has been operational for over 18 months now. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed update on the current status of the Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi highway.

Quick facts about the Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi highway

  • Official name: Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi highway (CT.01)
  • Project investor: Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC)
  • Starting point: Túy Loan, Hòa Phong, Hòa Vang, Đà Nẵng
  • Length: 140km
  • Ending point: Nghĩa Kỳ, Tư Nghĩa, Quảng Ngãi
  • Total investment: 34,500 billion Vietnamese dong

The layout of the Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi highway

Đà Nẵng - Quảng Ngãi Highway

The scale of the Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi highway

The Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi highway is a part of the North-South highway system in Vietnam. With a total length of 139.204 km and a total investment of over 34,500 billion Vietnamese dong, it is developed by the Vietnam Expressway Corporation. It connects the two provinces of Đà Nẵng and Quảng Ngãi, with the starting point located in Túy Loan, Hòa Phong, Hòa Vang, Đà Nẵng, and the ending point in Nghĩa Kỳ, Tư Nghĩa, Quảng Ngãi.

The Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi highway passes through the following areas:

  • Hòa Nhơn, Hòa Phong, Hòa Tiến (Hòa Vang district, Đà Nẵng city)

  • Bình Chánh, Bình Nguyên, Bình Trung, Bình Chương, Bình Long (Bình Sơn district)

  • Tịnh Thọ, Tịnh Hà (Sơn Tịnh district)

  • Nghĩa Kỳ (Tư Nghĩa district)

  • Điện Tiến, Điện Thọ, Điện Quang (Điện Bàn district)

  • Duy Trinh, Duy Sơn, Duy Trung (Duy Xuyên district)

  • Quế Xuân 2, Quế Phú, Phú Thọ (Quế Sơn district)

  • Bình Quý, Bình Chánh, Bình Quế, Bình An (Thăng Bình district)

  • Tam Thành, Tam Phước, Tam Đàn, Tam Thái, Tam Đại (Phú Ninh district)

  • Tam Ngọc (Tam Kỳ city)

  • Tam Xuân I, Tam Xuân II, Tam Hiệp, Tam Mỹ Tây, Tam Mỹ Đông, Tam Nghĩa (Núi Thành district)

How is the Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi highway doing now?

Since its completion, the Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi highway has significantly reduced travel time between the areas it passes through. Additionally, it has relieved traffic congestion on National Highway 1A.

Moreover, the endpoint of the highway, located in Nghĩa Kỳ, Tư Nghĩa, Quảng Ngãi, promises investment opportunities and international transportation connections for the Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia economic triangle. The highway also ensures emergency relief for residents in areas prone to storms and floods.

However, shortly after its opening, the highway experienced several incidents and damages. Specifically, from October 2018, the road surface between Km0 and Km65 exhibited signs of cracking and potholes. In addition, in October, 21 bridges along the route suffered from water leakage from the median strip to bridge abutments and water infiltration from stormwater drains. At the end of November 2018, the road surface connected to some of the bridges showed signs of wave formation and cracks.

In 2019, the Ministry of Transport requested the Vietnam Expressway Corporation to coordinate with contractors to carry out repairs and rectifications. However, currently, the Đà Nẵng – Quảng Ngãi highway is again facing new damages, including areas that were previously repaired.

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