“Cờ Lê” trong Tiếng Anh là gì: Định Nghĩa, Ví Dụ Anh Việt


In this article, we would like to introduce to you the name of a tool in English, which is “Cờ Lê” in Vietnamese. Join us as we explore the name and the meaning of this vocabulary below.

1. What is “Cờ Lê” in English?

In English, “Cờ Lê” is called “Spanner” (in Australian English) or “Wrench” (in American English). The common terms may vary between regions, but fundamentally, we understand that this is a mechanical tool.

cờ lê tiếng anh là gì

Usage of “Cờ Lê” in English

In fact, a wrench is used to provide grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects, often rotating fasteners such as nuts and bolts or to keep them from rotating.

It is a widely used standard term in England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.


  • Designed to be used between a 2/3 ” square drive torque spanner and socket to accurately set the degrees of turn required by certain applications.
  • In fact, the really great feature is that they are on screw threads, so there’s no need to carry a wrench with you.

2. Detailed Information about Vocabulary

In this section, we will explore the information about the vocabulary, including pronunciation, word type, and the English and Vietnamese meanings of “Spanner / Wrench” (Cờ Lê).


  • Vocabulary type: Noun
  • Pronunciation: Spanner /ˈspæn.ɚ/ or /ˈspæn.ər/


  • A spanner is a metal tool with a shaped end, used to turn nuts and bolts.

Wrench (American English):

  • Vocabulary type: Noun
  • Pronunciation: Wrench /rentʃ/


  • She found a real wrench at home.

Let’s find out the meaning of “Cờ Lê” in English.

Spanner/Wrench: Cờ Lê

  • English meaning: Wrench or Spanner is a tool for holding and turning objects, especially one that can be made larger and smaller to hold different-sized objects.
  • Vietnamese meaning: Cờ Lê là một công cụ để giữ và xoay các đồ vật, đặc biệt là một công cụ có thể được làm lớn hơn và nhỏ hơn để giữ các đồ vật có kích thước khác nhau.
  • She loved to play villains who came on stage always at the worst moment, throwing a monkey wrench in the back.
  • The next step was to try to undo the bush using a socket wrench on the tool, however it wouldn’t budge.

3. Vietnamese-English Examples

Let’s take a look at some examples of how to use “Spanner/Wrench” (Cờ Lê) in the following sentences.

cờ lê tiếng anh là gì

Components of a Wrench


  • In fact, if you collect enough good people to write moderate letters to Google protesting, their plumbers will get out a wrench and fix this leaking cesspit.
  • We have a lot of plumbing supplies on the market, and even the trusty plumbing wrench comes in a number of permutations.
  • Notice that containers usually have the jack and lug wrench behind the seat or under the hood, with the spare tire under the bed.
  • Notice that the service spanner which lights up on your car dashboard, you simply cannot ignore an aviation warning light.
  • To her, her father is an engineer, someone wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase – not someone wearing overalls and wielding a spanner.
  • They tend to be larger than the standard tap body, some would require a 32mm wrench to remove.

4. Related English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary Meaning

  • Mechanical tools: công cụ cơ khí
  • Machines: máy móc
  • Mechanical: cơ khí
  • Repair tools: dụng cụ sửa chữa

That concludes our article on “Cờ Lê” in English. We hope that the knowledge we have provided will help you understand this vocabulary better. Good luck!

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