40 Free DIY Plant Stand Plans (Cheap and Easy to Build)

Are you looking to add a touch of creativity and craftsmanship to your home and garden decor? Plants and gardening are essential elements for both indoor and outdoor aesthetics. And what better way to showcase your favorite plants and flowers than with a DIY plant stand? Trust me, creating a plant stand using wood scrap and leftovers will only take you one or two hours.

Sure, you can find several modern-style plant stands at wood stores, but they often come with hefty price tags that may not be affordable for everyone. But don’t worry! You can now create your very own plant stand to give your home decor a classic look. To assist you in this endeavor, here are 40 free DIY plant stand plans complete with detailed instructions and a material list.

1. DIY Outdoor Plant Stand

DIY Outdoor Plant Stand

Decorate and breathe life into your outdoor decor with this super affordable and stylish DIY plant stand. By using cedar wood, pickets, pocket holes, and outdoor screws, you can create this wooden plant stand for your home garden, patio, or entrance. Completing this project requires drilling tools, a table, and a miter saw. The best part is that you can customize it according to your space and pot specifications. Feel free to add or remove tiers based on the number of pots you want to display. offers more DIY projects for home and garden, so make sure to check them out!

2. Carved Hexagon with Plant Stand

Carved Hexagon with Plant Stand

If you’re looking for an ideal option for indoor and outdoor home decor, consider the Carved Hexagon with Plant Stand. Instead of buying from a wood store, you can customize this stand yourself, saving both money and adding a personal touch. To create this DIY plant stand, you’ll need a dowel stand, Hex planter, clamps, wood glue, miter saw, table saw, tape measure, spray paint, and a wood stain of your choice. Make the planter box more beautiful by painting it with different color stains.

3. Vintage Candlestick Plant Stand

Vintage Candlestick Plant Stand

Give an old vintage candlestick or holder a new life by repurposing it into a gorgeous plant stand. This DIY project requires minimal supplies and materials, making it an excellent option for your home patio. To create this stand, paint a discarded bowl with your desired color or match it to the stand color. Fill the bowl with soil and plant flowers and succulents in this customized candlestick plant holder. also offers free greenhouse plans and other DIY garden ideas, so make sure to check them out!

4. Multi-Level Indoor Plant Stand

Multi-Level Indoor Plant Stand

You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive planting pots and vases for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Instead, create them yourself using craft supplies and materials from a wood store. This stylish and attractive multi-level indoor plant stand can be easily customized using wooden scrap and blocks. A PDF format is available to assist you in customizing the stand with all the necessary material details. Doesn’t this plant stand look like a wooden candle holder?

5. Modern A-Frame Plant Stand

Modern A-Frame Plant Stand

Add a touch of glam and modernity to your outdoor decor with this super adorable DIY A-Frame plant stand. Craft it effortlessly using plywood and scrap wood. You’ll also need hinges, wood glue, golden Oak, pocket hole screws, and drilling tools with a suitable angle clamp. The provided guidelines will walk you through the step-by-step process, making it a breeze to complete. Once you’ve built this modern plant stand, give it a rustic wood stain for added charm.

6. Pottery Barn Plant Stand

Pottery Barn Plant Stand

For a touch of elegance and the perfect addition to your patio decor, consider the Pottery Barn plant stand. Add more glam to your outdoor decor with this customized and inexpensive stand. Surprisingly, building this plant stand is much easier and more effortless than you might think. With wooden blocks and big pottery bowls or vases, you can create a stand tailored to your specific pot size. Paint the wooden components with wood stain, and the vases with desired colors in multiple tones and combinations to make this crafted plant stand truly stunning.

7. Plywood Plant Stand on Wheels

Plywood Plant Stand on Wheels

If you’re looking for versatility and mobility, a plywood plant stand on wheels is the perfect choice. You can effortlessly move it indoors and outdoors whenever you want. No need to buy a new pot or vase; consider repurposing an old one. Use a plywood sheet with caster wheels to build this stand. Sanding pots make for ideal placements on this movable stand. Craft it and place it wherever you want without any hassle!

8. Indoor Elevated Plant Stand

Indoor Elevated Plant Stand

Add more greenery and a burst of colors to your living space with this indoor elevated plant stand. Perfect for a corner in your room, this stand is incredibly easy and accessible to build. Using wooden scrap blocks, L brackets, wood glue, foot clamps, and wood stain, you can quickly create this DIY plant stand. Consider painting the wood before assembling it for ease of work. Elevate the beauty of this stand with your favorite flower pots and enjoy a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere in your home.

9. Outdoor Rolling Plant Stand

Outdoor Rolling Plant Stand

Create a DIY rolling plant stand for your entrance and patio, offering you the flexibility to move and adjust it anywhere you want. The wheels make it super easy to shift locations. To make this stand, utilize a rustic wood slice from your home garden. Choose a wood slice that matches your pot size and weight. Additionally, you’ll need wood glue, screws, and a power drill to attach the wheels under the wood slice. Painting this stand is optional, depending on your preference.

10. Make a Hanging Plant Stand

Make a Hanging Plant Stand

Create an eye-catching hanging plant stand for outdoor and entrance decor. Even if you have limited planting space, you can still enjoy your favorite flowers and herbs. To make this hanging planter, gather wood scrap, screws, hooks, paint, and a hanging terracotta pot. Assemble the wooden pieces in a stand format, and use a theme for hanging the pot. Enhance the appeal of this customized hanging planter with wood staining.

11. Mid Century Plant Stand

Mid Century Plant Stand

Add style to your indoor plant display with this mid-century plant stand. Instead of purchasing an expensive option from a wood store, create your own at a fraction of the cost. With wooden boards, screws, a miter saw, a hand saw, a table saw, and a power drill, you can customize the legs and cross members of this stand. Assemble them with screws and drilling tools, then paint the stand with wood stain or any other color of your choice.

12. Copper Round Plant Stand

Copper Round Plant Stand

Utilize your workshop supplies and create a versatile household item with copper pipes, a copper cutter, a copper coil, a copper tee part, a black sharpie, and a tape measure. Assemble the pipes and rings using the tee part, and measure the size of your pot for a perfect fit. This copper round plant stand is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to your home decor.

13. 3-Tiered Corner Plant Stand

3-Tiered Corner Plant Stand

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beautifully decorated outdoor area. The space-saving and budget-friendly 3-tiered corner plant stand is the perfect solution. This DIY project allows you to plant several flowers and herbs in a small space. You can even increase the number of tiers based on your supplies and project specifications. Use 2×4 boards for an affordable and efficient build. With drilling tools, a miter saw, table saw, screws, wood glue, and clamps, you can create this tiered plant stand with ease.

14. How to Make a Resin Plant Stand

How to Make a Resin Plant Stand

Resin decor and DIY projects are not only attractive but also stylish. Now you can create your very own resin plant stand for indoor and outdoor decor. With casting resin, dye of your choice, a plastic container, a paint mixer, and pine pieces, you can easily mold the stand according to your pot’s size. Create a beautiful base stand with pine or plywood, and enjoy the versatility and durability of this handmade plant stand.

15. DIY Multiple Plant Stand

DIY Multiple Plant Stand

Embrace the spring season by adding more blossoming colors and flowers to your outdoor and patio areas. Instead of planting flowers in the ground, why not create a multiple-pot plant stand? Reclaim cedar lattice and wooden boards for creating shelves on this stand. Use screws and a power drill to firmly adjust the racks on the lattice. Enjoy a dazzling display of your favorite plants and flowers with this customized plant stand.

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