17 Best Fire Pit Accessories for your Backyard – Take Them Outside

Fun and Useful Accessories to Create the Perfect Ambiance

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space into a cozy and inviting oasis, a backyard fire pit is the perfect addition. With the rising trend of upscale outdoor living, setting up your own campfire has become increasingly popular. To make the most of your fire pit experience, it’s important to have the right accessories and tools. In this article, we’ll explore the best fire pit accessories that will elevate your backyard gatherings and create lasting memories.

The Classic Adirondack Chair: A Must-Have for Comfort

No backyard fire pit is complete without a comfortable seating area. Adirondack chairs are not only cute and outdoorsy, but they also provide the perfect spot to sit and relax by the fire. Opt for a chair made from durable materials like solid wood or sturdy composite. Consider choosing a chair in a color that complements your outdoor decor. Adirondack chairs are available in various colors and some even fold up for easy storage.

flames from an open fire pit

Create Ambient Lighting with Solar Pathway Lights

If you have a grassy area around your fire pit, solar pathway lights are a fantastic addition to your outdoor space. These lights can be easily installed on stakes in the ground, providing a soft and inviting glow. However, they are not suitable for use on a patio.

solar pathway lights

Illuminate Your Space with Solar Garden Wall Mount Lights

For those who have a fence or wall surrounding their fire pit area, solar garden wall mount lights are a great option. These lights can be mounted on the wall or fence, adding a touch of elegance and illumination without taking up valuable floor space.

solar garden wall mount lights

Add a Magical Glow with Globe String Lights

For a charming and whimsical atmosphere, consider hanging clear globe string lights around your fire pit area. These lights create a beautiful warm glow that enhances the overall ambiance of your outdoor space. Globe string lights are a personal favorite for creating a cozy backyard setting.

Outdoor Side Tables: Convenience and Functionality

When enjoying time around the fire pit, it’s essential to have ample space to place drinks and snacks. Outdoor side tables are not only functional but also add a touch of style to your outdoor setup. Look for sturdy iron tables that can withstand outdoor conditions. These tables are also perfect for prepping food, serving, and even dining outdoors.

The Perfect Gift for Fire Pit Enthusiasts: Personalized Fire Pit Poker

If you’re searching for a unique and thoughtful gift for someone who loves outdoor fires, a personalized fire pit poker is a fantastic choice. With a personalized poker, there will be no confusion over whose poker is whose, making it a practical and personal present.

Essential Fire Pit Tools for Safety and Maintenance

Now that you’ve created a cozy and inviting atmosphere, it’s crucial to be prepared with the right tools for cleaning and maintaining your fire pit. Safety should always be a top priority when enjoying a fire outdoors.

  • Outdoor Fireside Firewood Holder: Keep your firewood neatly stacked and organized with a stylish firewood holder. Say goodbye to tripping over piles of wood and ensure your fire pit area remains tidy.

  • Log Grabber Fireplace Tongs: Protect yourself from burns while handling logs with these fireplace tongs. Whether you need to add logs to the fire or move them around, these tongs are an invaluable tool. They are particularly useful if you have kids who are curious about fires but need extra safety precautions.

  • Ash Bucket with Shovel and Lid: Cleaning and maintaining your fire pit is essential for its longevity. An ash bucket with a shovel and lid allows you to safely remove and dispose of hot ash. Take extra care when handling hot ashes and ensure they are fully extinguished before disposal.

  • Butane Lighter Torch: Lighting your fire pit can be a breeze with a long lighter. This tool is essential if your fire pit does not have a push-button ignition. Ensure you have a reliable lighter on hand to ignite your fire safely.

  • Fire Poker Stick with Handle: If you have younger kids who are eager to help tend the fire, a proper fire poker is a safer alternative to using a long stick. A fire poker provides greater control and minimizes the risk of accidents.

Fire Pit Cooking Accessories: Take Your Culinary Skills to the Flame

Half the fun of having a fire pit is cooking delicious flame-roasted food. Whether you’re grilling burgers or roasting marshmallows, fire-cooked food is simply irresistible. These cooking accessories will help you become a fire pit chef or serve as excellent gift ideas for friends who enjoy cooking outdoors.

  • Roasting Sticks: Perfect for marshmallows, hot dogs, and anything else you can roast over a flame, telescoping roasting sticks are a must-have. These sticks are not only convenient but also a hit with kids who love playing with them.

  • BBQ Grill Gloves: Keep your hands protected from burns while cooking on a grill with these high-quality BBQ grill gloves. These gloves offer superior heat resistance and are a must-have for any fire pit chef.

  • The Dutch Oven: Cooking with a Dutch oven over an open fire is a beloved tradition for many outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Dutch ovens are versatile, durable, and come in a variety of styles. Explore the world of Dutch oven cooking with a collection of delicious recipes.

  • Height-Adjustable Fire Pit Cooking Grate Grill: This adjustable grill is perfect for accommodating different fire pit sizes and heights. Use it to raise food out of the flames or lower it closer to the heat for precise cooking.

  • Campfire Popcorn Maker: Take your backyard campfire to the next level with a popcorn maker. This fun accessory adds entertainment value to your outdoor gatherings, and who doesn’t love freshly popped popcorn?

  • 11 Pc Firepit Cookout Utensil Set: This comprehensive set includes all the campfire utensils you’ll ever need, including two cast iron pie irons. Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with these essential tools.

  • Cooking with Fire Cookbook: If you’re looking for inspiration and guidance in your fire pit cooking adventures, this cookbook is a fantastic resource. Explore a wide range of delicious recipes specifically designed for outdoor cooking.

Enjoying the Benefits of Backyard Campfires

Perhaps you’re contemplating getting a fire pit or already have one tucked away in your backyard. There are numerous reasons why families love gathering around a campfire. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Outdoor family time

Cooking indoors often involves one parent preparing the meal while the rest of the family carries on with their activities. However, when you cook a meal over a fire in the backyard, it becomes a shared experience. Children get excited and eagerly join the chef outside, helping and enjoying the process. Outdoor fires are particularly fascinating for middle-aged children, providing them with both entertainment and valuable learning opportunities.

Fire learning for kids

The backyard fire pit is an ideal place to teach kids about fire safety and responsibility. With easy access to water, fire-starting materials, and first aid, you can create a safe environment for them to explore and learn. Supervise your pre-teens as they experiment and satisfy their curiosity about fire within controlled boundaries.

Beat the heat

On scorching hot days when turning on the stove or oven seems unbearable, cooking outdoors becomes a lifesaver. Embrace the opportunity to utilize your fire pit as an alternative cooking method and keep your house cool.

Enhanced flavor

Many people swear that food cooked over a grill or open fire tastes better. Experience the smoky, charred flavors that only fire-cooked food can deliver. Treat your taste buds to a culinary adventure and judge for yourself.

Outdoor social gatherings

In a post-Covid world, outdoor socializing has become increasingly popular. Fire pits provide the perfect setting for small gatherings, allowing for distanced and well-ventilated interactions. The warmth and ambiance of a fire can elevate any social gathering in your backyard.

Now that you’re armed with the best fire pit accessories and tools, it’s time to unleash your inner backyard chef. Gather your loved ones, ignite the fire, and enjoy the delectable food and cherished moments created around your fire pit. Happy cooking!

Using our own fire pit accessories to make some super yummy apple pies!

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