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When it comes to exhibiting at a food trade show, it’s not just about the visuals. The sensory experience plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging booth visitors. In this article, we will share expert tips on how to design a booth that showcases your products, incorporates taste and smell, and keeps attendees captivated. So, let’s dive in!

1. Design Your Booth to Reflect Your Product

Your food and brand have a unique story to tell. Whether it’s about being organic, health-conscious, decadent, or luxurious, your booth design should align with the theme of your food. Consider the following approaches:

  • For organic vegan food, opt for neutral colors, wood accents, and natural fibers.
  • Bright, colorful, and eye-catching booths are perfect for displaying candies or cupcakes.
  • If you’re showcasing luxury food items, keep it simple yet elegant with a white-and-gold color scheme.

2. Create an Experiential Booth

Experiential booths are becoming increasingly popular and effective in trade shows. These booths encourage interaction and engagement, making them memorable for attendees. For a food exhibit, this is an excellent opportunity to leverage the act of tasting food and drinks. By allowing visitors to actively participate in the experience, they are more likely to try your products and listen to your brand message.

A great example of this is Yakima Chief Hops, a grower-owned network of hop farms. They collaborated with ProExhibits to design booths that incorporated sensory stations. Visitors could touch, taste, and smell their products, enhancing the overall experience.

yakima chief hops bar at experiential trade show booth

3. Build an Immersive Sensory Feast

Food is not only about taste; it’s also about visual appeal. Quality presentation is crucial in attracting and tempting people to try your products. Ensure that your booth is clean, attractive, and showcases your food with care. Consider utilizing shelving or other display surfaces to allow different products to shine and engage multiple senses.

Additionally, go beyond displaying the finished product. Showcasing the natural ingredients used in your food provides an interactive sensory experience. Let people see, smell, and feel the quality of your product, creating a deeper connection.

4. Prioritize Accessibility, Hygiene, and Safety

In a food exhibit, it’s essential to make it easy for people to interact with your products. Ensure that food and drink samples are easily visible, accessible, and that there’s enough product to avoid long waiting times. Create different zones within your booth to streamline the flow and allow deeper interactions with booth staff.

Equally important is maintaining hygiene and safety standards. Follow the regulations outlined by food trade shows regarding food handling and display. Implement measures to guarantee a worry-free experience for visitors:

  • Set up tasting stations where booth staff can serve visitors individually.
  • Provide disposable items such as tasting spoons and tongs for hygiene.
  • Package or portion items individually to minimize contact.
  • Clearly label allergens and hot items for visitors’ awareness.

5. Focus on Freshness and Temperature Control

When displaying food and beverages, freshness is paramount. It’s crucial to maintain the right temperature for food safety and quality. Depending on your products, consider integrating heating or cooling elements within your booth design. This may involve incorporating ovens, warmers, or refrigeration units.

The challenge of maintaining freshness was overcome by Yakima Chief Hops, who worked with ProExhibits to design temperature-controlled spaces that maximized storage efficiency. The flexibility of their booth designs allowed for additional storage as the brand grew.

blue diamond almonds food exhibit


Exhibiting at a food trade show requires careful planning and preparation. By paying attention to the senses and creating an immersive experience, you can leave a lasting impression on attendees. Let your booth tell a story through design, engage visitors through interaction, and showcase the quality and freshness of your products. With these tips, your food exhibit is bound to be a success!

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