Guitar Blue Book Online – How Much Is My Guitar Worth?

If you’re looking to downsize your guitar collection or considering selling one to fund a new purchase, you’ve probably wondered about the value of your guitar. Determining the true worth of your instrument can be challenging, but fortunately, the internet provides a valuable resource in the form of online price guides, often referred to as “Blue Books.” Just like there are price guides for cars, boats, and other products, there are several guitar valuation websites available. In this guide, we’ll explore the best guitar blue books, where to find them, and how to use them effectively. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of how much your guitar is truly worth.

Where to Find Guitar Valuations

Orion Blue Book Online

One excellent starting point for getting a value on your guitar is the Orion Blue Book. This comprehensive site offers valuations for a vast range of products, including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, amps, pedals, and various accessories. Whether you own a common guitar or a more obscure and rare model, there’s a good chance that the Orion Blue Book has it in their extensive database. In addition to providing average prices for current instruments, they also offer a separate section specifically for vintage guitars and basses. Please note that the Orion Blue Book is not a free service. While you can easily look up the item you’re selling, you will need to pay for the valuation itself. The site offers different pricing options depending on your needs.

Blue Book of Guitar Values

Another reputable online service is the Blue Book of Guitar Values from Blue Book Publications. This paid service allows you to select your specific make and model and obtain the current valuation for your guitar. Similar to other leading sites, you can search for both electric and acoustic guitars. If you prefer physical books, Blue Book Publications also offers hard copy versions, available for a fee. However, keep in mind that printed valuations can quickly become outdated as guitar values continually change.

Reverb Price Guide

For those seeking a free alternative, the Reverb Price Guide is an excellent option. Reverb is one of the largest online marketplaces for both used and new musical gear. Leveraging their extensive knowledge of actual selling prices, they provide historical data on what instruments have sold for in the past. The Reverb Price Guide covers a wide range of gear, including pedals, amps, basses, acoustic guitars, and electric guitars. With its user-friendly interface and accurate information, Reverb is a valuable resource for determining the value of your gear.

Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide

Unlike the previous options, the Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide is a print-only publication that focuses exclusively on vintage guitars. This authoritative guide features valuations for over 2000 brands, including acoustic and electric guitars, basses, amps, and effects. Updated annually, this guide reflects the ever-changing value and appraisals of vintage guitars. As the world of vintage guitars expands, the guide adds new models each year.

May Music Studio’s Guide

While not a valuation or appraisal service per se, May Music Studio’s Guide offers valuable guidelines for self-appraising your guitar. While they recommend visiting a blue book site for a professional valuation, May Music Studio provides helpful tips for evaluating your guitar’s worth. This can be particularly useful if you’re not looking to pay for a valuation service.

Gruhn Guitars

For those who own valuable vintage guitars, Gruhn Guitars offers an extensive remote valuation service. Instead of relying on price ranges and personal opinions, Gruhn Guitars conducts a thorough appraisal based on specific details like the serial number and photos you provide. While this service comes at a price of $75 per appraisal, it’s an excellent choice if you’re seeking a trusted valuation for a valuable vintage guitar.

Other Ways to Get Guitar Values

In addition to the Blue Books and online resources mentioned above, there are a few other avenues to explore when determining the value of your guitar.

eBay can serve as a useful resource, although it’s crucial to distinguish between asking prices and actual selling prices. Look for identical models in similar condition that have recently sold, and calculate the average of those sale prices. Keep in mind that there may be outliers, but by obtaining a mean value, you’ll have a ballpark figure to work with.

Guitar Center also offers valuations, although their prices tend to be on the lower side. When Guitar Center provides an offer for your guitar, they base it on the average eBay price, as mentioned earlier. To determine the true value, add 40% to the price they offer.

Final Thoughts on Online Guitar Blue Books

In an era where few guitars appreciate or retain their original value, it’s crucial to rely on authoritative sources such as blue books to gauge the true worth of your guitar. Whether you’re selling your instrument or considering a purchase, these resources will provide valuable insights. Remember, determining the value of a guitar is not an exact science, and prices can fluctuate. Nevertheless, armed with the information from reputable sources, you can make informed decisions about the value of your guitar. For more information and access to these resources, visit

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