Your Ideal Home Office Starts with a Murphy Bed System

Murphy Bed System

Have you ever dreamed of having the perfect home office? Picture yourself in a serene space, surrounded by comfortable furniture, organized paperwork, and a designated place for all your tools and equipment. This is where work becomes a pleasure, and productivity comes naturally. Good news – creating your ideal home office is within reach, and it all starts with a Murphy bed system that suits your needs.

Adding the Essential: A Desk

What is the cornerstone of any home office? Arguably, it’s the desk. Fortunately, incorporating a desk into our Murphy bed systems is a breeze. You have the freedom to choose whether you want the desk to face the cabinet of your wall bed, allowing the mattress to fold down over your workspace. Alternatively, we can add one or two desks in side piers adjacent to the bed cabinet.

When it comes to the size and shape of your desk, customization is key. Whether you require a spacious surface for architectural drawings, a compact area for your laptop, or a cozy corner dedicated to creative pursuits, we can tailor the height and width to meet your specific needs.

Customize Your Perfect Setup

Now that you have your desk(s) in place, it’s time to consider the special features you’d like to incorporate into your Murphy bed system. The possibilities are endless.

One option is to include power outlets and USB ports strategically positioned along the cabinet base or side piers. Task lighting can also be added, ensuring optimal visibility for your work. Additionally, a keyboard drawer neatly stowed away when not in use can be an invaluable addition to your computer setup.

To maximize functionality, consider configuring the side piers with customized features that fulfill your home office requirements. We can integrate bookshelves, cupboards, printer shelves, filing cabinets, and drawers for all your office supplies. If you need a space for jotting down ideas, we can even include a whiteboard or chalkboard on the front of the side pier cabinets or as pullouts. Other options include a row of hooks for hanging tools, a bulletin board for displaying artwork, or a versatile pegboard that adapts to your changing needs.

Unleash Your Home Office Potential with a Murphy Bed System

When it comes to envisioning your perfect home office, the sky’s the limit. At, we specialize in crafting custom Murphy bed systems, ranging from wardrobes to pet beds. If you have a specific feature or component in mind, we are here to bring your dreams to life.

In the meantime, we invite you to browse through the images of our custom Murphy bed systems for inspiration. With our help, you can unlock the full potential of your home office and create an environment that truly supports your work.

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