How Are Indestructible Dog Beds Built? – DIY, Designs, Materials, etc


Indestructible dog beds serve as a solution for tough chewers, preventing hazardous situations by offering chew-proof durability. Building such beds involves emphasizing double layering and providing extra protection throughout the construction process.

What Makes a Dog Bed Indestructible?

An indestructible dog bed needs to have the right materials and a well-engineered design. The materials used play a crucial role in achieving durability, but the design and construction are equally important.

Heavy-duty Materials

To withstand the chewing tendencies of tough dogs, indestructible dog beds are made from hard materials such as ultra-tough aluminum, brass, or hard PVC tube frames. Fabrics like ripstop nylon, known for their heavy-duty and high-performance properties, are also commonly used. The use of chew-resistant materials like fleece and soft cotton adds durability, and beds that sit off the ground provide orthopedic support and reduce the likelihood of chewing.

Smart Design Engineering

Durable dog beds are designed to minimize chewing opportunities for tough chewers. Successful brands like K9 Ballistics, Kuranda, and Kong Dog Bed incorporate smart design features such as aluminum frames, 1618-denier ripstop nylon, and water-resistant layers. Features like rounded edges and corners provide a safer alternative as dogs are less likely to bite onto these edges. Beds designed specifically for resting purposes are less likely to be viewed as toys.

Durable Canvas

Durable canvas cloths, also known as painter’s drop cloths, are made of tightly woven, thick cotton duck cloth and are often used to chew-proof the mattress of a dog bed. These cloths offer comfort and durability, making them an excellent choice for a DIY chew-proof dog bed. Beddings, mattresses, or covers for resistant dog beds are typically made of ballistic nylon, durable canvas, dropcloth, or outdoor fabrics.

DIY Chewproof Dog Bed: Step-by-Step Instructions

Making your own DIY chewproof dog bed can be a fun and creative project. By using the right materials and following these steps, you can create a fully chew-proof bed for your furry friend.

  1. Measure the desired size of the bed.
  2. Cut the fabric into two equal-sized squares.
  3. Cut the foam to match the size of the fabric.
  4. Layer the fabric with the right sides touching the inside and the wrong sides touching the outside.
  5. Sew all the sides together, leaving one side open for the zipper.
  6. Insert the zipper on the open side.
  7. Insert the mattress pad.
  8. Your DIY chewproof dog bed is ready!

Alternative DIY Chewproof Dog Bed: Using a Tire

Another simple DIY option for a chew-proof dog bed is to repurpose a tire. Follow these steps:

  1. Find a suitable tire that matches the size of your dog.
  2. Clean and sanitize the tire thoroughly.
  3. Fill the tire with cushions or clothes for bedding.
  4. Place the tire in a cozy spot for your dog to rest.

The Importance of Chew-Proof Beds

Dogs have a natural tendency to chew, and providing them with chew-proof beds helps redirect their behavior and keeps them safe. Investing in high-quality and chew-resistant dog beds eliminates the risk of dangerous choking hazards and protects your furniture.

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indestructible dog bed
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Simple DIY chew-proof dog bed
A simple DIY chew-proof dog bed using a tire and some clothes for bedding.

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