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The Origin of Bạch Ngọc Liên Cream

Bạch Ngọc Liên is a brand of full-body whitening cream produced by the company TNHH ™ – DV – XNK MiĐan. It was launched in 2018 and has since sparked controversy regarding body skincare.

Is Bạch Ngọc Liên a Whitening Cream?

Yes, Bạch Ngọc Liên is considered a whitening cream, specifically designed to lighten and even out skin tone. However, it is important to note that Bạch Ngọc Liên is a “mixing cream” rather than a stand-alone product. It is meant to be combined with other body creams, such as Vaseline or Hazeline, to enhance its moisturizing properties and minimize potential side effects.

Comparing Bạch Ngọc Liên Green and Pink Cream: What’s the Difference?

Bạch Ngọc Liên offers two main variants of its whitening cream: the Bạch Ngọc Liên Spa Series 80g (pink) and the 2 in 1 at home – Body Whitening Cream (green). Let’s take a detailed look at each variant:

1. Reviewing the Pink Bạch Ngọc Liên Cream (Spa Series 80g)

This product comes in an 80g plastic container with a pink color scheme. The packaging is lightweight and easy to hold. The cream is well-protected inside multiple layers, including a cardboard box, a pink plastic container, and a sealed layer on top. This ensures that the cream doesn’t leak, oxidize, or deteriorate before reaching the customer.

The cream itself has a thick, pinkish-white texture. Even when the container is turned upside down, the cream doesn’t spill out. Upon examining the ingredients, it is clear that the cream contains many moisturizing and strong whitening agents for immediate skin whitening. However, it may not be suitable for sensitive or damaged skin. It’s crucial to mix this cream with other body creams, such as Vaseline or Hazeline, to increase its moisturizing capabilities and reduce potential harm.

2. Reviewing the Green Bạch Ngọc Liên Cream (2 in 1 at home – Body Whitening Cream)

The green Bạch Ngọc Liên cream has a slightly thinner consistency compared to the pink variant. The cream is white with a soft, dense texture. Its absorption rate is not too fast when applied to the skin.

The ingredients in the green Bạch Ngọc Liên cream are similar to those in the pink version. For more details on the ingredient analysis, please refer to the section on the pink variant. The company advertises that the green variant may cause more irritation compared to the pink cream.

Overall, both variants of Bạch Ngọc Liên cream contain many whitening agents, and their main purpose is to provide fast skin whitening while moisturizing and softening the skin. However, it’s important to note that the resulting brightening effect may not appear natural.

Is Bạch Ngọc Liên Cream Good for Skin Whitening?

Yes, Bạch Ngọc Liên cream is effective for skin whitening. Its ingredient list indicates its strong whitening capabilities. After the first application, users can notice a visible brightening effect on their skin tone, as well as a smoother and softer texture. However, the whitening effect might appear too unnatural and excessively bright.

Should You Buy Bạch Ngọc Liên Cream?

While Bạch Ngọc Liên cream is relatively affordable, it is crucial to be aware of counterfeit products on the market. These fake imitations can pose even more risks than genuine ones. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to differentiate between authentic and counterfeit Bạch Ngọc Liên creams to ensure optimal results and safety.

In conclusion, if you have healthy skin and want quick skin whitening, you can use Bạch Ngọc Liên cream for 1-2 weeks to achieve quick results. However, it’s advisable to discontinue its use afterward and switch to other body creams to allow your skin to recover and maintain its overall health.

For more information and tips on differentiating between genuine and counterfeit Bạch Ngọc Liên creams, you can refer to the provided video or leave a comment below for quick assistance.

Remember to thoroughly research and carefully test Bạch Ngọc Liên cream before using it.

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