Khu Du Lịch trong Tiếng Anh là gì: Định Nghĩa, Ví Dụ Anh Việt

Are you familiar with the term “Khu Du Lịch” in Vietnamese? It is a simple concept used to refer to places that people visit during festivals and events. However, some individuals may be confused or have a lack of accurate understanding of this term in English. To prevent any embarrassment, let’s dive into the topic together right here.

khu du lịch tiếng anh là gì

Image: Illustration of a tourist attraction.

1. The Definition of “Tourist Attraction” in English

In English, a “Khu Du Lịch” is referred to as a Tourist Attraction, pronounced as /tʊr.ɪstˈəˈtræk.ʃən/. The term consists of two words: Tourist, meaning “khách du lịch” in Vietnamese, and Attraction, which means “hấp dẫn”. When combined, Tourist Attraction refers to areas that attract a large number of tourists or places of interest for travelers.

khu du lịch tiếng anh là gì

Image: Illustration of a Tourist Attraction in English.

2. Examples of Tourist Attractions

Let’s take a look at some examples to better understand the concept of Tourist Attractions:

  • Da Nang is a famous tourist attraction in Viet Nam. You should pay a visit to it once in your life.
  • He plans to turn the former factory into a tourist attraction, which is an insane idea.
  • Tourist attractions are very crowded in the holiday seasons, which is extremely beneficial for the economy of the city.
  • The sale of the tourist attraction was reduced dramatically because of the CoV 19.

3. Vocabulary Related to Tourist Attractions in English

To enhance your understanding of the term “Tourist Attraction,” let’s explore some related vocabulary:

khu du lịch tiếng anh là gì

Image: Illustration of vocabulary related to Tourist Attractions in English.

tourismdu lịchTourism industry is influenced dramatically because of the Cov19 outbreak.
landscapephong cảnhThe landscapes of the city are incredible, which surprised me so much.
townscapecảnh thành phốI fall in love with townscape when the sun goes down and the atmosphere is more fresh.
main attractionđịa điểm du lịch chínhThe main attraction of the trip is an ancient cave with many unique drawings in the rocks.
resortkhu nghỉ dưỡngI stayed in a luxurious resort which has five-star service and delicious food.
canyonhẻm núiThe canyon is a tourist attraction of this town because of its impressive beauty.
templeđền thờ PhậtTemple is one of the most common architectures in Asia.
ancient quarterphố cổHoi An ancient quarter is attracted thousand forgein tourist each years.
waterfallsthác nướcLocated in Canaima National Park, Angel Falls is the highest natural waterfall in the world.
coral reefrạn san hôCoral reefs play a vital role in the eco marine system, as they have the function of cleaning the sea.
aquariumhồ cáToday, my school has organized a trip to an aquarium to help students have a clearer look at sea animals.
carevannhà di động (trên xe)I am very curious about the carevan, so I’ll try it when I have the chance.
homestaydịch vụ ở nhà dânIt is difficult to book homestay during the holiday season, so you’d better hurry up.
motelnhà nghỉ ven đường cho tài xếOur first destination is a small motel to have breakfast.
garden-view suitephòng hướng vườnTrying to stay in a garden-view suite and you will not be disappointed by its fresh and clean air.
backpacking tripdu lịch phượtBackpacking trips are common among young people with a small budget.
eco-tourismdu lịch sinh thái (đi ngắm vườn, động vật)Eco-tourism is a new type of tourism that has gained popularity quickly.

That’s it! We’ve covered the basic definition and usage of “Tourist Attraction,” or “Khu Du Lich” in English. By being versatile in using the term Tourist Attraction, you will have wonderful experiences when communicating with native English speakers. Hopefully, this article has provided you with essential and valuable information. Good luck with your English language journey!

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