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In life, we often find ourselves taking the easy way out, avoiding reality, or justifying our actions by focusing on the minority rather than the majority. This kind of behavior is not an example of reverse thinking, but rather a dangerous form of deception. Let’s explore the importance of expertise, authority, credibility, and experience (E-E-A-T) in shaping our perspectives and the impact of Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) principles on our decision-making.

Questioning the Notion of Success Without Education

The Fallacy of Famous Dropouts

Many people who haven’t attended university tend to use examples of famous and successful individuals like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to argue that a degree is unnecessary for success. However, they fail to consider the full context of these successful figures’ lives and their personal regrets about not obtaining a higher education.

Grades Aren’t Everything, But Learning Matters

On the other hand, some individuals with lower grades in university claim that academic performance doesn’t determine success. While it’s true that grades alone don’t define a person, they overlook the paramount importance of learning during their university years. Being a dedicated learner during this time sets the foundation for continuous growth and quick adaptability in the professional world.

The Real Value of Knowledge and Ethical Practices

The Illusion of High Conversion Rates in Recruitment

Recruiters who boast about high conversion rates and make it seem like obtaining a job offer is effortless often fail to mention the extensive vetting process they undergo to find the right candidate. It’s essential to provide a transparent explanation of how hundreds of resumes are meticulously reviewed before making an offer. This ensures an objective approach and avoids any accusations of deceit or manipulation.

True Success Through Experience and Core Values

Every day, we encounter remarkable and successful people. These individuals have achieved greatness through vast experiences and relentless efforts. Most importantly, they understand the significance of unwavering core values. They do not succumb to deception or cover up the truth but openly share their journey, which includes the hurdles they faced and the lessons learned along the way.

The Endurance of Core Values in a Changing World

In any era, core values remain invaluable. Relying on shallow values, short-term thinking, and unethical practices will not stand the test of time. It is disheartening when individuals don’t distinguish between right and wrong, allowing personal biases to cloud their judgment. This trend is particularly concerning among younger generations, as it jeopardizes the future.

Embracing Practical Knowledge and Intellectual Wisdom

Ultimately, only those with practical knowledge and intellectual wisdom can truly discern right from wrong. They have faith in genuine values while keeping a safe distance from deceitful practices that others may try to conceal or manipulate. These individuals focus on the essence and foundation of principles to assess and evaluate situations using their intellect rather than blindly following keyboard heroes, candle-blowing experts, or online trends.

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