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Lower denture wearers have long faced challenges with conventional lower dentures, such as looseness while speaking and eating, misalignment, movement when opening the mouth, and overall discomfort throughout the day. However, in 1999, Dr. Jiro Abe introduced a groundbreaking technique that revolutionized denture technology – Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures (SEMCD Dentures). By utilizing the soft tissue in the mouth, SEMCD Dentures create a stronger seal, providing patients with a mandibular suction effective denture that stays in place when needed.

Exploring SEMCD Dentures

How do SEMCD Dentures Work?

In the past, patients often had to rely on dental adhesives to keep their mandibular dentures in place. However, these adhesives often led to appetite loss and did not provide long-lasting results, requiring constant reapplication. SEMCD Dentures eliminate the need for adhesives or implants by relying on perfect suction. Dr. Abe’s lower suction denture technique captures the natural shape of the oral cavity, creating dentures that fit perfectly and form a strong seal to keep them securely in place.

How do SEMCD Dentures Differ from Conventional Dentures?

There are two key differences between lower suction dentures and conventional dentures. Firstly, in terms of design, conventional dentures tend to have a large and bulky base, which can be heavy and uncomfortable. On the other hand, lower suction dentures have a streamlined base that feels more natural and lighter. Secondly, regarding stability, BPS suction dentures combine the tested processes of BPS with SEMCD Dentures, resulting in perfectly fitting dentures with airtight seals. In contrast, conventional dentures often lack stability unless implants or adhesives are used.

How are Lower Suction Dentures Made?

Fabricating a mandibular suction effective denture follows a similar process to other BPS dentures. However, the unique aspect lies in the impression method used for SEMCD dentures. The dental prosthetist examines the patient’s current dentures, assesses their experience wearing dentures, and determines if switching to BPS suction dentures would be beneficial. The impression process involves capturing the soft tissue and bony structures accurately. Additionally, the patient is asked to make specific movements and sounds to ensure a perfect fit. Once the impressions are made, they are sent to the lab for fabrication. A try-in is scheduled to check the balance, and adjustments may be made as necessary.

Are Lower Suction Dentures for You?

If you’ve been struggling with ill-fitting lower dentures that affect your daily activities, switching to lower suction dentures can lead to immediate benefits. Studies have shown that SEMCD Dentures achieve effective suction in 80% of patients. Even for those who don’t achieve perfect suction, the dentures still provide a vastly superior experience compared to conventional dentures. BPS Suction dentures incorporate high-quality materials, improved impression techniques, and a compact design to ensure a better fit for all patients. SEMCD Dentures are also available for upper dentures, offering improved comfort and functionality. And the best part? There is no need for surgery, implants, or adhesives!

The SEMCD Dentures Certification Difference

To ensure the same level of care and expertise as Dr. Abe’s original technique, it is essential to choose certified SEMCD denture practitioners. These providers have undergone specialized training and are committed to offering the best treatment to full lower denture patients. The certification process involves hands-on courses, clinical and technical training in the Bio-functional Prosthetic System (BPS®), and presenting successful case studies meeting SEMCD criteria. Dr. Jiro Abe endorses these qualification criteria for SEMCD denture providers.

Don’t let ill-fitting lower dentures control your life. Find a certified SEMCD provider near you to make the switch to BPS Suction Dentures today and experience the life-changing benefits of Dr. Abe’s lower suction denture technique. If your dental professional is not listed in our database, it is highly likely that they are not yet certified or qualified to provide Dr. Abe Lower Suction Dentures.


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