Mụn nang là gì? Nguyên nhân và cách điều trị

What Is Mụn Nang and Why Is It Difficult to Treat?

Mụn nang, also known as cystic acne, is a type of acne that is both terrifying and challenging to treat. Ranging in size from a few millimeters to several centimeters, this form of acne can cause significant damage to the skin if not properly treated.

The Causes of Mụn Nang

Similar to whiteheads, mụn nang (also referred to as cystic acne or inflammatory acne) is formed due to genetic factors, stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, the use of cosmetics, and environmental factors. It is more common in men due to the presence of testosterone, a hormone that stimulates the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Mụn nang typically appears deep within the skin, often in the cheek, jawline, neck, and lower half of the face. It starts as inflamed red bumps and then progresses into hard cysts. This type of acne often causes a tight and throbbing sensation in the affected area.

Mụn nang là loại mụn ẩn sâu dưới da

Mụn nang is the most severe form of cystic acne as it resides deep beneath the skin. Therefore, common mild treatments for regular acne such as acne creams or chemical peels are ineffective for treating mụn nang.

If left untreated, mụn nang can lead to widespread inflammation and damage to the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in increased pain, inflammation, and a higher risk of scarring.

Treating Mụn Nang Properly

Early treatment is crucial to prevent mụn nang from worsening. To treat mụn nang effectively, it is important to avoid high glycemic foods (e.g., white bread, biscuits, sticky rice) and dairy products. It is also recommended to reduce stress and maintain a regular lifestyle.

Skin Care Guidelines for Successful Mụn Nang Treatment

  • Avoid oily cosmetics and heavy creams.
  • Do not use perfumes or artificial fragrances in skincare products.
  • Limit the use of makeup.
  • Cleanse your face properly with a pH-neutral facial cleanser that deeply cleanses and balances your skin.
  • Avoid lip balms and lipsticks containing wax and oil, as they can cause breakouts around the mouth.

Tránh những loại sữa rửa mặt chứa chất tẩy rửa mạnh khi điều trị mụn nang

Choosing the Right Treatment for Mụn Nang

The treatment for mụn nang depends on its severity, medical history, allergies, skin type, and sensitivity. One common method is the use of antibiotics to reduce inflammation and infection. However, this approach can lead to harmful antibiotic resistance. Therefore, it is recommended to consider specialized skincare products like the Skinicer® skincare range.

Skinicer®, a breakthrough dermatological skincare brand from Germany, offers highly effective products for mụn nang treatment. It contains Spiralin®, a patented active ingredient derived from seaweed, which is considered a natural antibiotic. This ingredient helps repair damaged skin and promote rapid skin regeneration. Skinicer® is capable of treating multi-layered acne, ensuring the eradication of deep-seated acne and rejuvenating the deepest layers of the skin.

Bộ sản phẩm trị mụn nang hiệu quả từ CHLB Đức

The Skinicer® skincare range consists of:

  1. Skinicer® Repair Cleanser: This gel-based cleanser deeply cleanses, eliminates dead skin cells, excess sebum, and dirt not only from the surface but also from within the pores. Its gentle and pH-balanced formula does not require a toner, leaving the skin soft, moisturized, and not overly dry. It also soothes the painful and uncomfortable sensations caused by mụn nang.

  2. Skinicer® Repair Mask: This cream-based mask helps to eliminate thickened dead skin cells, excess sebum, and impurities deep within the pores. It ensures deeper penetration of active ingredients and treats the mụn nang at the deepest layer of the skin. Additionally, it eliminates acne-causing bacteria and strengthens the skin’s immune system.

  3. Skinicer® Repair Serum: This serum, enriched with the patented Spiralin® and organic plant extracts, forms a protective biological barrier against acne-causing bacteria. It repairs damaged skin cells, regulates sebum production, and minimizes pore size.

When it comes to the effectiveness of Skincier® in treating mụn nang, renowned dermatologist Dr. Mo Ng has expressed his positive evaluation: “Cystic acne constitutes about 30-40% of my patients’ acne cases. Many individuals suffering from mụn nang experience physical pain and worry about their skin condition. With a tailored treatment plan, more than 80% achieve good control of their acne using the Skinicer® range within a three-month period.”

Tiến sĩ da liễu nổi tiếng Mo Ng đánh giá cao về Skinicer®

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