Hạnh phúc gia đình là gì? Nền tảng một gia đình hạnh phúc?

A happy family is one that is always close-knit and joyful, respecting each other, laughing together every day, and not sweating the small stuff. They are quick to forgive, speak kindly to one another, and support each other’s big and small moments. They have learned to become better listeners and acknowledge when we are wrong, while still respecting their own boundaries and needs. A happy family integrates with life, maintains commitments, seeks balance and integrity, and chooses loving and effective habits. They are loyal to each other and remember that serving others is their top priority. So, what is the meaning of a happy family? What is the foundation of a happy family? Let’s explore this in the following article.

1. What is the Meaning of a Happy Family?

Your definition of “happiness” may differ from ours. And happy families come in all sizes and mixes.

Families are one of the pillars of society. Children raised in happy families often say that their families have become closer through small rituals and family traditions. Some special dishes on certain days, special cakes for their birthdays, annual tradition trips. These things create a sense of familiarity and safety. Others say that having at least one meal together every day is the most important tradition. Regularly having dinner together, despite busy schedules, allows families to chat and bond with each other.

Many psychologists and parents believe that “a family that laughs together, stays together.” Many will tell you that laughter, joy, and games are important aspects of a close-knit family. The choice of games can vary – board games, crossword puzzles, riddles, video games, etc.; anything that engages everyone is a good choice!

Believe it or not, many happy families affirm that even household chores can be good bonding activities. Activities like cleaning windows, washing dishes, or gardening provide good opportunities to chat and catch up.

Happiness in family married life has many different aspects. Some believe that a happy family is one where the couple earns more money. Others believe that a family is considered happy when the husband and wife and children understand each other, have a sufficient standard of living. In addition, educating children is determined in all spiritual aspects of family life, which is essential… However, in reality, many couples live in happiness when they are poor but become conflicted when they become rich, leading to divorce, so this perception is considered incorrect.

Sometimes happiness is right next to you, and that’s why you shouldn’t search far and wide for it. In work, with friends, there can also be happiness if we know how to search for and enjoy it… In the family, sometimes happiness is having a father and mother, having smiles during meals, in times when the family works together on something fun, you feel happy. When there is joy, when there is love, happiness is when parents care for each other, being loved by friends… that is the expression of happiness or simply holding the sunlit hand of the mother’s hand… also makes us feel happy.

Or sometimes, happiness is simply the moments spent together in the kitchen, where mother and I cook for the family, after a busy week not being able to gather at the dining table. Happiness is having a happy family may be right by our side. For a couple to be in harmony, filial piety with parents, sitting together at warm family dinners, sharing worries in a busy life is also part of creating happiness for a family in today’s life.

A happy family is something that you can find and feel, however, happiness cannot be measured, and the feeling of family happiness will be expressed through the appreciation of the days when the couple holds hands through life’s challenges and time. Because it’s not just about sharing moments of joy that makes a family happy, but also when you know that the other half is there to share your sadness. A happy family is when you cry and someone understands, your inner voice has someone listening… Or even parents taking care of their children together, walking them and looking at them walking on the path of life they choose, a happy family sometimes is just being together through rainy days as well as windy days, seeing each other still by your side, reaching out and you are there, opening your eyes and you see each other’s figure…

A happy family can be established and felt in everyday life.

2. The Foundation of a Happy Family

Many families are exposed to basic social services, and the quality of life is improving. The economic contribution of households has long played an important role in the average per capita income of the country. The work of protecting, caring for, and educating children, and caring for the elderly is being given attention and making progress. Gender equality, children’s rights, the role of women in the family and society are increasingly being promoted.

Taking care of, building, and nurturing a happy family is a precious value that every Vietnamese person always strives for. The values of loyalty, love, sharing, and equality in marriage are always cherished. The achievements in building families have contributed positively to socio-economic development, building and developing Vietnamese culture and people; at the same time, successfully implementing the Millennium Development Goals for the care of maternal health and newborns in Vietnam.

Family spending on basic social services also accounts for a large proportion of household spending, especially spending on health and education services. There is not yet a synchronized and timely solution to prevent and end the negative impacts of market mechanisms, pragmatic lifestyles, negative information on the Internet and social media on families. Domestic violence, women trafficking, sexual abuse, child labor have not been thoroughly addressed, and the coordination between family, school, and society in the education of values, ethics, and lifestyles for the younger generation is still limited.

The foundation of a happy family will be shown through the connection between couples in the family. From there, to be able to have a correct perception of the role and importance of the family and the work of building a family in the new situation; and to determine that the family is one of the most important factors deciding the sustainable development of the country. Because the family is the object of impact, implementation, and enjoyment of economic and social development policies. Building a warm, progressive, happy, civilized family is one of the important requirements in the process of renovation and development of the country.

More attention is needed to further improve the system of policies and laws on families towards ensuring social cohesion and enhancing the role of the family. Family policies must aim to build warm, progressive, happy, and civilized families, with a focus on children, vulnerable people, and the elderly; building a list of public services and developing a system of providing basic social services to families, supporting sustainable and happy family development, alongside promoting gender equality.

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