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Understanding the Terminology

Notes Payable is an economic term used in accounting to describe the amount of cash a company owes on promissory notes it has issued. It is also referred to as Thương Phiếu Phải Trả in Vietnamese.

Defining Notes Payable

What is Notes Payable?

In accounting, notes payable is a liability account on the ledger, where a company records the cash amount of the promissory notes it has issued. The balance in the notes payable account represents the outstanding amount to be paid. Since a payable requires the issuer/borrower to pay interest, the issuing company is responsible for the interest expense.

Key Points to Remember

  • Notes Payable can be translated as Thương Phiếu Phải Trả.
  • This term is used in the field of economics.

Significance and Explanation

According to the accrual accounting method, a company will have a separate liability account for interest payable. In this account, the company records the accrued interest that has been incurred but not yet paid at the end of the accounting period.

For most companies, the amounts in the notes payable and interest payable accounts are reported on the balance sheet as follows: The amounts due within one year from the date of the balance sheet are classified as current liabilities, while amounts not due for payment within one year from the date of the balance sheet are classified as long-term or non-current liabilities.

The company should also disclose relevant information about the debt on the notes. This may include the interest rate, maturity date, collateral assets, any restrictions imposed by the lender, etc.

Sample Example – How to Use

Notes payable is necessary when a company borrows money from a bank or other lenders. Notes payable can also be a part of a transaction to purchase expensive equipment. In certain cases, a supplier may require notes payable instead of terms such as net 30 days.

Related Terms

Here is a list of related terms to Notes Payable:

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  • Thương Phiếu Phải Trả (in English: Notes Payable)


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