Nuốt lưỡi là gì? Nuốt lưỡi trong bóng đá là gì, có nguy hiểm không?

Introduction: What is Nuốt Lưỡi?

In our daily lives, we often come across the term “nuốt lưỡi” or “swallowing the tongue.” This phenomenon is not uncommon, especially in sports such as football, which can be quite alarming for fans. But what exactly is “nuốt lưỡi” and how does it relate to football?

According to medical experts, “nuốt lưỡi” is a colloquial term used to describe the condition known as “tụt lưỡi” or “collapsed tongue.” It is a common occurrence in people who experience stroke, seizures, and particularly in those engaging in sports like football. This happens when a person suddenly loses consciousness, their tongue muscles relax and fall back, potentially obstructing the airway and causing difficulty in breathing, especially when the person is lying on their back. Without timely and proper emergency care, this condition can be fatal. Therefore, it is crucial to remain calm and take the right steps when encountering someone experiencing “nuốt lưỡi.”

The Dangers of Nuốt Lưỡi

Both in general and specifically in football, “nuốt lưỡi” is a severe accident that poses a significant threat to human life. When a person experiences a strong impact, their tongue muscles do not function properly and can collapse, obstructing the airway. In some cases, the gastric fluid can enter the lungs, causing respiratory distress and depriving the brain of oxygen. Without timely medical intervention, these complications can lead to death.

Nuốt Lưỡi

It is common to believe that inserting a hand or any object into the mouth of someone experiencing “nuốt lưỡi,” especially during a seizure, can prevent them from biting their tongue. However, this is not a recommended method. Incorrectly administering first aid for “nuốt lưỡi” can endanger the life of the affected person and hinder the rescue efforts of medical professionals. So, how should we properly administer first aid when we encounter someone at risk of “nuốt lưỡi”?

Proper First Aid for Nuốt Lưỡi

Cách sơ cứu người bị nuốt lưỡi

To provide proper first aid to someone who has experienced an accident leading to “nuốt lưỡi,” follow these steps:

  1. Create enough space around the affected person to ensure proper airflow and remove any objects that may cause injury, such as stones or sharp objects.
  2. People experiencing accidents that result in “nuốt lưỡi” often have seizures. Hence, it is important to maintain a safe distance between everyone present and the person having a seizure.
  3. Place something soft under the person’s head to prevent head injuries during the seizure.
  4. Loosen any clothing, jewelry, or neckwear around the person’s neck to clear the airway and prevent choking or suffocation during the seizure.
  5. Do NOT put anything into the person’s mouth.
  6. Absolutely avoid squeezing lemon juice or any other substances into the person’s mouth as the affected person may not be able to swallow, and the fluid can enter the lungs, causing further complications.
  7. Note the duration of the seizure if possible.
  8. Contact emergency medical services immediately.
  9. Once the person has stopped seizing, gently turn them onto their side to allow any excess saliva to drain out of their mouth and clear the airway.
  10. Avoid holding or restraining the person tightly to prevent causing any injuries during the seizure.
  11. Continue monitoring the person until they fully recover.

These are some essential steps to understand and address the phenomenon of “nuốt lưỡi” in general, and specifically in football, ensuring prompt and effective rescue measures in case of unexpected incidents. For more information and references, make sure to regularly visit Stay tuned for more informative articles!

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