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The Story Behind Perspirex

Perspirex is an antiperspirant roll-on that helps combat body odor. It is a trusted product from Denmark that has gained popularity among many users. This high-quality product has been tested and recognized for its effectiveness by millions of people worldwide.

The Origin of Perspirex

Perspirex originates from the reputable brand Perspirex from Denmark. The brand has always been supported and trusted by users. The product has been proven and affirmed by researchers to be safe and harmless to one’s health. It has also received certification from an international research institute, thanks to its modern manufacturing technology and quality assurance processes.

Is Perspirex Effective?

  • High effectiveness in reducing sweat secretion and preventing odor.
  • A breakthrough formula that combines alcohol, lactate, and chloride salts to block sweat glands and effectively reduce sweating.
  • Keeps your body fresh and odor-free even during outdoor activities or intense workouts.

What Makes Perspirex Stand Out?

  • Odorless and colorless formula that eliminates underarm odor.
  • Does not contain fragrances, preventing any unpleasant odor when combined with sweat or body odor.
  • Does not stain clothes like other antiperspirants.
  • Provides a dry and comfortable feeling.
  • Water-resistant, so it won’t wash off while swimming or during hot weather.
  • Compact and convenient design, perfect for travel.
  • Safe to use and recommended by experts.
  • Utilizes advanced manufacturing technology to provide exceptional odor protection and protect your body.
  • One 20ml bottle lasts a long time, offering cost savings.

How to Use Perspirex Effectively

Instructions for Use

  • Apply Perspirex at night before going to bed. This is when sweat glands are less active, resulting in better absorption and effectiveness. Use it every day for the first week of use (for sensitive skin, every other day is recommended).
  • Ensure your underarms are thoroughly dry before and after applying Perspirex. You can use a fan or hairdryer to speed up the drying process.
  • Rinse your underarms with water in the morning and do not reapply during the day.
  • After the first week of use, you only need to apply Perspirex 2-3 times per week.

Usage Precautions

  • Avoid applying soap to the armpit area after using Perspirex.
  • Do not use Perspirex on wet or damaged skin, as the product contains aluminum salts that may cause itching or irritation.
  • Avoid excessive use to prevent wastage and save resources.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Frequently Asked Questions about Perspirex

How long does it take for Perspirex to be effective?

Perspirex provides high effectiveness in combating unpleasant odor and reducing sweating. The results may vary depending on each individual’s body type, but typically, you can expect to see results within 2-3 weeks of use. Each application will be effective for 3-5 days. Therefore, there is no need to continuously use it every time you sweat like with other regular products.

Can Perspirex cause itching or irritation?

Some people may experience stinging, itching, or a tingling sensation when using Perspirex. This is usually due to incorrect application. It is important to remember not to apply Perspirex on damp or freshly shaved skin. If you have sensitive skin, you can opt for Perspirex specifically designed for sensitive skin.

Can I use Perspirex immediately after hair removal?

After shaving or waxing, the skin under your arms becomes more sensitive and the hair follicles can be damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for 48 hours before using Perspirex. After this period, you can resume using Perspirex as usual. In cases where hair removal has caused severe damage to the skin, it is advisable to wait until the wound has healed before using Perspirex.

Do I need to use Perspirex multiple times a day?

Perspirex is highly effective, so there is no need to use it frequently or multiple times a day. For individuals with mild body odor or average sweat production, applying Perspirex once a day in the evening after showering is sufficient. For those who experience heavier body odor, twice a day, once in the evening and once at noon after showering, is recommended.

Where to Buy Perspirex?

You can purchase 100% genuine Perspirex antiperspirant roll-on from Visit the website here to place your order online or visit their store at the following address:

  • Hanoi: Please place your order online or contact the given phone number.
  • Ho Chi Minh City: 62 Yen Do Street, Ward 1, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Contact phone number: 0901.666.300

Product Information

  • Origin: Denmark
  • Capacity: 20ml
  • Form: Roll-on
  • Suitable for: Adults, both men and women
  • Price: 195,000 VND/bottle

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