Role là gì? Tìm hiểu nghĩa của “Role” chuẩn ngữ pháp nhất

Role is an essential word that many language learners often search for on social media platforms. If you’re not familiar with English, it can be challenging to understand its meaning and how to use it correctly. In reality, role is a term that can be interpreted in various ways, depending on the context in which it is used. Therefore, it’s crucial to delve deeper and gain a comprehensive understanding.

The Definition of Role

With English playing an increasingly significant role in our daily lives, gaining a thorough understanding of its meaning and usage is essential. To communicate effectively in English, it is crucial to comprehend common vocabulary and how to use it.

Among these words, “role” poses a common question that many people are interested in. Understanding the meaning of this word can bring numerous benefits to your life, boosting your confidence in communication, work, and studies.

When it comes to the query “What is the meaning of role?” this term is commonly used in various life situations. However, “role” can have different interpretations depending on the context and accompanying words. Typically, “role” is understood as “vai (diễn)” or “vai trò.” Additionally, it can have other meanings when combined with different words, such as:

  • Role model: hình mẫu (a person or thing regarded as an excellent example)
  • Role-playing: Danh từ đóng vai (the act of imitating the character and actions of someone for recreation or performance)
  • At role play: Lúc đóng vai (during the act of imitating a character)
  • Role play: Nhập vai (the act of imitating a character)
  • Starring role: Vai trò quan trọng (the most important role in a production)
  • Title role: Vai trò tiêu đề (the main role in a play or movie)
  • Role reversal: Đảo ngược vai trò (the act of switching or interchanging roles)

Examples of Role in Context

Now that you have a better understanding of the meaning of “role,” it’s crucial to apply it to specific examples to remember its meaning clearly. Here are some grammatically correct examples illustrating the usage of “role” in English:

  • She has an important role to play in volleyball.
  • She was cast in the film’s lead role.
  • Lan is working in a management role.
  • I don’t like this role.
  • He played the role too well.
  • The restaurant management’s role is to supervise the staff.
  • Communication’s role is great for a company’s business.
  • Hung had his first role.
  • Hoang plays a heroic role in the movie.

Related Terms for Role

As mentioned earlier, “role” is a versatile word with various interpretations. Apart from using “role,” there are other related terms that you can use as synonyms to make your sentences more understandable and meaningful. Some synonymous words for “role” include:

  • Province, appearance, execution, ingenue, pose, post, title, bit, show, what one is into, guise, seeming, performance, duty, business, representation, personification, portrayal, stint, share, walk-on, act, acting, aspect, character, clothing, extra, hero, position, presentation, star, cameo, capacity, look, position, piece, lead, part, player, semblance, super, game, task, job, office, posture, purpose, function.

By understanding the various interpretations and synonyms for “role,” you’ll be able to answer the question, “What is the meaning of role?” Additionally, this knowledge will help you utilize related terms appropriately when necessary.

If you want to expand your vocabulary and enhance your understanding of English grammar, don’t miss out on other informative articles on our website! We wish you success in your English language learning journey.

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