Host a Healthy Skating Fundraiser

Are you tired of the same old fundraising projects that revolve around selling unhealthy treats? Well, we have a solution for you! Why not host a healthy and exciting skating fundraiser? Not only will it promote physical activity, but it will also be a memorable event for everyone involved.

Embrace Healthy Fundraising

Schools and organizations that prioritize healthy eating habits and food allergies may want to steer clear of traditional food fundraisers. Instead, opt for an active fundraising event that encourages participants to have fun while supporting a good cause. It’s a win-win situation!

The Perfect Winter Fundraiser

When planning a winter fundraiser, it’s essential to consider the weather. That’s why we believe that a skating fundraiser is the ideal choice. Whether you choose an open city rink, a safe outdoor pond, or a local indoor skating rink, you can’t go wrong with this fun and active event.

The Local Rink vs. the Iced Pond

To ensure a smooth and successful skating party, we recommend hosting it at a community ice rink or a community center. These facilities offer designated public skate hours and have qualified staff members to ensure the safety of all participants. Keep in mind that these rinks may have specific rules and fees, such as a small entrance fee and the option to rent skates.

If you prefer a more exclusive experience for your group, you can inquire about renting the entire facility for your skating fundraiser. While this may come with additional costs, it guarantees that only your group will be on the ice, leading to a more enjoyable and controlled experience.

Skate-a-Thon: Skate for a Good Cause

Another fantastic option for your skating fundraiser is to organize a skate-a-thon. Similar to a charity walk-a-thon or fundraising marathon, participants can collect flat donations or pledge money based on the number of laps they complete around the ice rink. This adds an element of excitement and healthy competition to the event.

To encourage skaters to give it their all, you can offer incentives and prizes. Recognize participants who complete the most laps or raise the highest amount of pledges. Get creative and introduce fun categories like the craziest toque or set up a silly obstacle course, rewarding the skater with the fastest time. Safety is paramount, so make sure to emphasize this throughout the event.

Think Beyond Ice Skating

If ice skating isn’t an option or doesn’t align with your preferences, consider hosting the fundraiser at a traditional roller skating rink. Especially during the winter season, an indoor venue can provide the perfect environment for a fun and warm event that appeals to all ages.

Remember, the goal of a skating fundraiser is to combine raising funds with promoting a healthy and enjoyable activity. By organizing such an event, you not only contribute to your cause but also create lasting memories for all participants.

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Ice Skating Fundraiser

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