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Sale, Sale products, and Sale hunting are common terms used by consumers nowadays. You can find them everywhere, from the streets and shopping centers to news websites, social media platforms, and e-commerce websites. Understanding what Sale is and what Sale products are will help you become a savvy consumer when making shopping decisions during sale events. Follow this article from HC Electronics Supermarket to learn more about this topic and get effective tips for hunting sales during the upcoming 12.12 event.

What is Sale?

In its basic sense, Sale is a term used to describe activities related to selling goods or services. The understanding of Sale can vary depending on each specific case.

  • In business and sales, Sale is an important part of a company’s operations. Sales staff have the task of directly interacting with customers, providing advice to help them choose the right products and services. They answer customer questions about products and services and persuade customers to make purchases, thereby increasing the company’s revenue. In a company, the sales department plays a crucial role in driving revenue.

  • In another sense, Sale or more precisely, Sale off, refers to promotional programs and discounts to stimulate and attract customers to the company’s products. These programs are often planned based on holidays, product launches, or the need to clear out inventory. Fixed occasions for sales include November 11th, December 12th, store openings, Christmas, Black Friday, and Tet (Vietnamese New Year).

What are Sale products?

Sale products are goods that have been discounted or reduced in price compared to their original prices. Sale products usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • New products that are discounted to attract attention and allow customers to try them, increasing brand recognition.

  • Key products that have high sales potential and need to boost sales volume, creating trust for the company.

  • Overstocked items, old models, off-season products, close to expiration date.

  • Regular products included in discount programs to increase variety and make it easier for customers to make shopping decisions.

Effective tips for hunting sales on 12.12

Before hunting for sales, you need to find out if the sale program truly offers discounts. To effectively hunt for sales, you also need a clear and effective “strategy”. If you’ve missed the 11.11 and Black Friday events, this will be the last chance of the year to buy discounted items. So, don’t miss out on the following tips.

Join groups, communities, and forums dedicated to hunting for sales:

Surely, you won’t have time to visit every online store to search for discount programs. Joining groups with many members will help you easily access comprehensive information about various discount programs and promotions from different sellers, brands, and products. From there, you can filter and follow the information related to the products you are interested in.

Collect multiple discount codes, vouchers:

One of the effective tips for hunting sales is to collect discount codes, promotional codes, and vouchers. Usually, during the “sale season,” online stores often release discount codes, limited-time voucher codes, or some mini-games. Therefore, you can participate in these programs to receive attractive discount codes and vouchers for shopping.

Prepare a list of items you need to buy:

You should not go on a sale hunt without a plan. Make a list of the things you really need to buy to avoid wasting money and time.

Understand the true price of the product:

You should not only look at the percentage of discounts on the products. Sometimes, these discount percentages are not realistic and are just aimed at the consumer’s psychology. Therefore, you should know the actual price of the product before it is discounted to avoid buying products that are not actually discounted. If the product is not exclusive, you should compare prices from different sellers.

Read the discount policies and regulations:

Each store or company has different discount policies and regulations. Therefore, you need to understand these terms to avoid missing out on opportunities to buy discounted products.

Only buy sale products from reputable and trustworthy sellers:

In small retail stores, sale items sometimes include defective products, refurbished items, and resold items. Generally, sale products often come with a no-return policy. Therefore, if you are unlucky, you may end up with a defective product without any recourse. HC Electronics Supermarket is a reputable retail store system, one of the first electronics supermarkets established in Hanoi in 2006. As of September 2020, HC has 29 branches spread across Northern provinces. This is definitely a reliable address for buying electronics.

Therefore, buying sale items is also an art, and you need to have a good understanding of sales, sale products, and sale hunting tips to get quality products at the best prices. To stay updated on the most attractive sale information, don’t forget to visit the website of HC Electronics Supermarket at or contact their toll-free sales advisory hotline at 18001788.

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