Yaoi là gì? Shounen-ai là gì? Yuri là gì? Phân biệt Yaoi và Shounen-ai



In recent times, Japanese culture has gained widespread popularity, especially among young people who are passionate about manga and anime. As a result, many new and unfamiliar terms have emerged. This article aims to clarify the meaning of yaoi, shounen-ai, and yuri, ensuring that you stay well-informed and don’t feel left out when discussing these topics with your friends.

What is Yaoi?

Yaoi is a Japanese term used to describe a genre within manga and anime. It revolves around romantic relationships between male characters, catering primarily to a female audience.

There are two main types of yaoi:

  1. Soft Yaoi: This genre features gentle and discreet romantic content.
  2. Hard Yaoi: In contrast, this genre is more explicit and does not shy away from depicting sensitive scenes.

Shounen and Shounen-ai

Before diving deeper into the world of yaoi, let’s understand the terms shounen and shounen-ai. Shounen refers to manga and anime targeting a male audience, focusing on themes such as violence, sports, martial arts, and action. This contrasts with shoujo, which caters to a female audience and often explores themes of love and friendship.

The artwork in shounen and shoujo also differs. Shounen typically features more robust and bold illustrations, while shoujo adopts a softer and more delicate aesthetic. In shounen-ai, the genre explores romantic relationships between two male characters.

Exploring Yuri

Yuri, also known as Girls Love (GL), is a term commonly used by fans of anime and manga to refer to works related to female same-sex relationships. In Japan, GL is the preferred term. Yuri explores emotional and physical connections between female characters.

Differentiating Yaoi and Shounen-ai

While both yaoi and shounen-ai involve romantic relationships between two male characters, there are some key differences:

  • Yaoi: Besides depicting the romantic relationship, yaoi often includes explicit scenes (for readers aged 17 and above).
  • Shounen-ai: This genre also portrays the love story between two male characters, but the romantic interactions are usually limited to holding hands and hugging, without crossing certain boundaries.

Due to the delicate line between the two, some people may still confuse them. If you prefer a more innocent and light-hearted approach, shounen-ai might be a suitable choice. Yaoi, on the other hand, can delve deeper into emotional themes. Make sure to choose your reading material carefully!

Additional Terms

To understand the world of yaoi and its related genres better, let’s explore some additional terms:


  • Uke, derived from the Japanese word “ukeru” (to receive), refers to the submissive partner in a same-sex male relationship. They take on the role typically associated with femininity and are portrayed as the more passive person in the relationship.


  • Seme, derived from the Japanese word “semeru” (to attack), refers to the dominant partner in a same-sex male relationship. They assume the more assertive role in the relationship.

Shoujo and Shoujo-ai

  • Shoujo refers to manga and anime created for a female audience, often exploring themes of love and friendship.
  • Shoujo-ai, although not commonly used in Japan, is a term used in the West to distinguish between physical and emotional same-sex relationships between female characters.


  • Bara is another form of boy’s love that focuses on muscular and masculine characters, mainly targeting female readers. It is not as explicit as hard yaoi and often emphasizes idealized male physiques.


The world of yaoi, shounen-ai, and yuri offers diverse and captivating stories that cater to different audiences. By understanding these terms, you can fully appreciate the nuances and themes embedded within these genres. Whether you are a fan of romantic relationships between male characters or interested in exploring same-sex relationships from a female perspective, there is a wide range of manga and anime available for you to enjoy.

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