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Exploring the Meanings of “So long as” and “As long as”

In English grammar, there are several special sentence structures that can greatly enrich your language skills. Today, let’s delve into a phrase commonly found in conditional sentences – “so long as” and “as long as”.

So long as and as long as have the same meaning: “if” or “provided that”. These two phrases can be used interchangeably at any time, conveying the idea of “under the condition that” or “as long as”.

For example, we can say: “We will stay until the weekend so/as long as John is with us.” This means that we will stay until the weekend, but only if John is with us.

How to Use “So long as” and “As long as”

So long as and as long as are frequently used in conditional sentences and are considered subordinating conjunctions. They connect two clauses together.

The structure is as follows:

Mệnh đề 1 + so/as long as + mệnh đề 2 (Clause 1 + so/as long as + Clause 2)

For instance, “My brother will go to Paris as long as it is free.” This means that my brother will go to Paris, but only if it is free.

The most common general meanings of So long as and As long as are:

  • “If”: Used to talk about one action occurring only if another action happens.

    • For example, “We’ll go so/as long as the weather is good.”
  • “As long as”: Used to emphasize the duration of an action within a specific period of time.

    • For example, “I’ll remember that film so/as long as I live.”

Other Meanings of “As long as”

In addition to its interchangeable meaning with so long as, as long as can also have a few other meanings and uses:

Used in Comparative Sentences

In comparisons of equality, “as long as” means “equally long”, referring to the equal length of two mentioned objects.

  • For example, “This ruler is as long as my notebook.”

Used to Express “During a Time Period” or “Throughout a Period”

“As long as” can also mean “during a time period” or “throughout a period”.

  • For example, “I’ll never forgive you as long as I live.”

Used to Emphasize the Long Duration of an Action

“As long as” can be used to emphasize the lasting duration of an action within a specific time frame.

  • For example, “The Asian Games can last as long as a month.”

Practice Exercises Using the Structures “So long as” and “As long as”


Rewrite the following sentences using the structure so long as/as long as.

  1. You must try a bit harder or you won’t pass the exam.

    • You will pass the exam so/as long as you try a bit harder.
  2. Listen carefully or you won’t know what to do.

    • You will know what to do so/as long as you listen carefully.
  3. She must apologize to me or I’ll never speak to her again.

    • So long as/As long as she apologizes to me, I’ll speak to her again.
  4. You have to speak very slowly or he won’t be able to understand you.

    • So long as/As long as you speak very slowly, he will be able to understand you.
  5. Business must improve soon or the company will have to close.

    • The company won’t have to close so long as/as long as business improves soon.
  6. The club isn’t open to everyone. You’re allowed in only if you’re a member.

    • You are allowed in the club so long as/as long as you’re a member.
  7. I don’t want to go to the party alone. I’m going only if you go too.

    • I’m not going to the party so long as/as long as you don’t go too.
  8. Don’t worry about the dog. It will attack you only if you move suddenly.

    • The dog won’t attack you so long as/as long as you don’t move suddenly.
  9. Ben isn’t very talkative. He’ll speak to you only if you ask him something.

    • Ben will speak to you so long as/as long as you ask him something.
  10. Today is a public holiday. The doctor will see you only if it’s an emergency.

    • The doctor will see you so long as/as long as it’s an emergency.


This article has provided you with knowledge about the structures so long as and as long as in conditional sentences. Practice the exercises to grasp a better understanding of these structures. IELTS Vietop wishes you great success!

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