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    So, What About the Porn?Okay, okay, cool, 3mov’s has a nice social media component to it. But what about the actual porn? It is a porn site, after all. SexyAssCougars.info Well, as I mentioned earlier, the video quality is insane. Much better, actually, than most tube porn sites. So, I give 3mov’s a lot of credit in that department. However, the videos are so short. I don’t mean, like, ‘ugh, they only gave me a ten-minute excerpt of this Brazzers video’ short; SexyAssCougars.info I mean, like, holy fuck, these videos are really only two or three minutes long.This might be fine for all of you one-minute men out there. But I need something a little lengthier than that if I’m actually gonna have any shot at getting off.
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