Thứ 6 ngày 13 là ngày gì? Những điều nên kiêng làm ngày này


Friday the 13th has always been a source of fear for millions of people around the world. In the Netherlands, accidents increase by more than 30% on this day, and it also marks the largest financial crisis in the United States. In this article, we will delve deeper into the origins of Friday the 13th. Let’s find out what this day entails.

1. What is Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th is believed to bring bad luck and misfortune to people. Every year, there is at least one Friday the 13th, and sometimes it occurs up to three times, which creates a psychological fear among many individuals. In Western culture, Friday is considered an unlucky day, and when combined with the number 13, it becomes a disastrous day.

2. Origins and History of Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is considered the unluckiest day of the year, with the number 13 being associated with curses and bad luck. This number rarely appeared in ancient times, such as the 12 Greek gods, 12 months, and 12 hours.

In Western culture, it is believed that if 13 people have dinner together, one of them will face a life-threatening danger within the year. This belief stems from the Last Supper of Jesus, where he had dinner with his 12 disciples.

The fear of the number 13 is so great that in many places, they even avoid using the number 13 for house addresses or floor numbers, which are changed to 12A, 12B, etc. Hospitals do not have room numbers or gates labeled as 13.

As for Friday, according to legends, it is the day when Eve and Adam ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden and were expelled to the mortal world. For Christians, Friday is the day when Jesus was crucified.

The combination of these two dark events in history creates a real nightmare for believers. On this day, people tend to limit parties and important events to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

3. The Significance of Friday the 13th

Many events related to Friday the 13th have occurred worldwide, but there is still no scientific basis or convincing reason to explain the bad luck associated with this day.

According to Hinduism, their followers worship Lord Shiva and Parvati on the 13th day of the Hindu month. In Buddhism, the Shingon sect has 13 Buddhas, and in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, there are references to the 13 signs of good luck. Interestingly, in Italy and China, the numbers 17 and 4 are considered even more unlucky than 13.

It is a fact that this day is not entirely filled with bad luck, as filmmakers have made significant profits from this theme. Books on this subject also attract a lot of interest from the audience.

4. Things to Avoid on Friday the 13th

Now let’s explore some taboos to avoid on Friday the 13th.

4.1. Walking Past a Funeral

According to ancient beliefs, passing by a funeral on Friday the 13th will bring bad luck and misfortune.

4.2. Avoid Nail Cutting

Similar to hair cutting, nail cutting should be avoided on this day to prevent bad luck, according to Western cultures.

4.3. Avoiding Black Cats

Black cats, often associated with images of evil witches, have become a fearful symbol to many. Meeting a black cat on this day is considered unlucky and can bring accidents and misfortunes to one’s family.

4.4. Not Opening Umbrellas Indoors

Opening an umbrella indoors is seen as disrespectful to the Sun God in ancient Egyptian culture. This action is considered impolite and shows a lack of need for the Sun God’s protection. It brings about misfortunes and bad luck to oneself and one’s family.

4.5. Avoid Changing the Position of the Bed

It is believed that if one changes the position of their bed on Friday the 13th, they will have nightmares and horrific dreams. It is advisable to limit moving objects, especially the position of the bed, on this day.

4.6. Not Walking Under a Ladder

Ladders are commonly used for reaching higher places. According to ancient Egyptian beliefs, the triangle represents strength and the divine. Walking beneath a ladder unintentionally breaks the respect for this divine symbol and angers the gods.

4.7. Avoid Spilling Salt

In the past, salt was an extremely valuable commodity, and spilling it on the table was considered unlucky, as it was believed to blow away all the wealth.

4.8. Not Going Sailing

It is advised not to go sailing on Friday the 13th because of an incident that occurred in England. The British government created a ship named HMS Friday to alleviate people’s fear, but the ship mysteriously disappeared on this day.

4.9. Avoid Crossing Knives and Forks

In Western countries, it is highly taboo to cross knives and forks on Friday the 13th. It is believed that this act signifies upcoming difficulties and is an omen of bad luck.

4.10. Not Breaking Mirrors

Many believe that breaking a mirror on this day will bring seven years of bad luck.

4.11. Avoid Dating or Celebrating Anniversaries

Friday the 13th is one of the most unlucky periods of the year. Going on a date on this day can affect relationships and cause disruptions.

4.12. Not Enrolling or Registering for Classes

Enrolling or registering for classes on Friday the 13th can negatively impact academic results and create obstacles on the educational path.

4.13. Avoid Investing or Brokering

Starting any important task on this day is not considered auspicious, especially when it comes to investment and business.

4.14. Not Placing Hats on the Bed

In Western countries, placing a hat on the bed is considered extremely unlucky, as the bed then resembles a coffin. When someone passes away, items such as hats and personal belongings are placed in the coffin to show respect. Placing a hat on the bed is seen as disrespectful and brings bad luck to the household.

5. Notable Events Tied to Friday the 13th

Let’s take a look at some significant events associated with Friday the 13th.

  • Concepts are classified into 12 entities, making 12 a perfect number. On the other hand, number 13 represents breaking the rules.
  • The Last Supper of Jesus consisted of 13 people, including Jesus and his 12 disciples. The 13th guest, Judas, betrayed Jesus, leading to his capture and crucifixion. The Last Supper was held on Thursday, and the crucifixion took place on Friday. Therefore, Christians consider Friday the 13th as an unlucky and tragic day.

6. Recent Tragic and Heartbreaking Events on Friday the 13th

Next, let’s take a look at some tragic and heartbreaking events that have occurred on Friday the 13th.

  • 24 lives lost and $760 million in damages
  • 31 fatalities
  • 27 deaths and 300 injuries
  • 137 deaths and 227 injuries
  • Tupac Shakur assassinated
  • More than 200 lives robbed
  • 50,000 people displaced from their homes
  • 32 lives lost

7. Surprising and Interesting Facts about Friday the 13th Worldwide

Let’s explore some surprising and interesting facts about Friday the 13th worldwide.

  • The Great Flood, one of the largest floods in history, claimed 24 lives and caused $760 million in damages.
  • In Italy, Fridays are considered unlucky if they fall on the 17th, while the 13th is seen as a lucky number.
  • The fear of Friday the 13th is officially named “Paraskevidekatriaphobia.”
  • If a month starts with a Sunday, there will always be a Friday the 13th.
  • Many tall buildings, hotels, and hospitals do not have a 13th floor.
  • In 2014, Taylor Swift was sued by the Lucky 13 brand for selling clothes with the “Lucky 13” logo on her online store.

8. Hilarious Memes from Vietnamese Netizens on Friday the 13th

Let’s have a look at some humorous images created by Vietnamese netizens about Friday the 13th.

9. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

10. Conclusion

Friday the 13th has its share of superstitions and beliefs. This article provides an insight into the history and significance of this day. We hope that the compiled information helps you understand more about Friday the 13th.

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