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The iPhone 13 series has been officially released. This new smartphone, with many improvements compared to its predecessor, is a highly sought-after product among technology enthusiasts. It is known that Di Động Việt is implementing a unique Trade-in program for customers who want to upgrade to the new iPhone.

Trade-in: What is it and What are the Benefits?

1. What is Trade-in?

Trade-in is a familiar program in foreign markets, especially for Apple devices. Users can bring in their old devices and exchange them for new ones at a discounted price instead of paying the full amount for a new device.

In Vietnam, Di Động Việt is one of the first retail systems to offer an attractive Trade-in program. Customers simply need to bring their old iPhones to the store, where the staff will quickly conduct the appraisal and product inspection.

2. How much does it cost to upgrade to iPhone 13 Pro Max with Trade-in?

For example, the iPhone 13 Pro Max VN/A, which is priced at 33,990,000 VND for the 128GB version. Customers who want to upgrade to the iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB at this time only need to pay as little as 8.4 million VND – a discount only available through the Trade-in program.

3. 5 Benefits of the Trade-in Program

When upgrading to the iPhone 13 series through the Trade-in program at Di Động Việt, in addition to price advantages and accompanying promotional programs, the Trade-in program also offers the following benefits:

3.1 Affordable Purchase of a New iPhone

Instead of selling their iPhones to unreliable and unguaranteed sources, customers can safely trade them in at Di Động Việt, where their devices will be thoroughly inspected on the spot and the process is quick.

3.2 No Waste of Old Devices

For old devices, the manufacturer will inspect, repurchase, and refurbish them for resale. This ensures that old devices are not wasted and customers can conveniently upgrade to a new iPhone.

3.3 Affordable Refurbished iPhones

After strict inspection during the Trade-in process, refurbished iPhones are repaired and sold at a lower price. Customers who are cost-conscious can consider these refurbished products.

3.4 Environmental Sustainability

By reducing electronic waste through the Trade-in program, users contribute to environmental sustainability and the well-being of the ecosystem.

3.5 Additional Exclusive Benefits at Di Động Việt

Di Động Việt accepts trade-ins even for devices that are not working, do not have accessories, and regardless of their origin.

All customers need to do is bring their old device, choose the new device they want to upgrade to at Di Động Việt, and take the new device home. It’s simple, quick, and best of all, it doesn’t require any extra payment.

4. The 3 Steps of Trade-in

  1. Online device appraisal.
  2. Visit the nearest store for a physical inspection.
  3. Exchange or sell the old device.

5. Which Devices are Eligible for the Trade-in Program?

  • Devices that are in good working condition with minimal scratches.
  • Devices that are working, but with a slightly damaged or scratched screen.
  • Devices that are working, but have a screen malfunction.
  • Devices that are not working (power button failure, not charging, screen damage, won’t turn on, etc.).
  • Devices without accessories or original packaging.
  • Devices that are out of warranty, including both official and unofficial products.

6. Conclusion

With a policy that accepts a wide range of devices regardless of their origin, the Trade-in program at Di Động Việt is an optimal choice. You can own the new iPhone 13 series at a lower price and save a significant amount of money when trading in your old device.

To learn more about the Trade-in program at Di Động Việt, don’t hesitate to contact the hotline 1800.6018 (free) or visit their website, Fanpage, Zalo, Instagram, and YouTube channels for the quickest response.

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