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Unveiling the Meaning of Trổ Mã

Have you ever wondered about the genetic traits you inherit from your parents? Well, it’s not like you can choose beautiful parents to inherit desirable qualities from. So, it becomes crucial to understand and accept the aspects of genetics. One term that might be on your mind is “trổ mã” and its meaning in Chinese and the early stages of adolescence.

The Impact of Physical Appearance

Does having a small bust size affect your happiness? Or do you worry about your figure when wearing certain clothes? Shy girls tend to slouch, making them appear less confident. In some cases, a girlfriend might think about getting a breast reduction so that her boyfriend doesn’t notice them in public. Similarly, some individuals opt for a Japanese corset to make their waist appear slimmer. It’s interesting how these insecurities affect our self-esteem.

Another scenario is when a girlfriend’s father tries to lose weight to get back at his partner. Similarly, being overweight feels like a never-ending cycle – you feel hungry, eat more, and then justify it by saying that your body lacks necessary nutrients.

Common Health Concerns During Adolescence

During the festive holiday season, food is abundant, and everyone enjoys their break after school. This often leads to rapid weight gain. If I were to convince you to exercise and eat more vegetables, your parents would probably say, “You’re the boss for three days of the Lunar New Year!” This mindset is prevalent among parents, and as they say, “Like parent, like child,” the whole family ends up gaining weight.

Common Teenage Health Concerns

Let’s address some common health concerns during adolescence:

Menstruation Worries

The onset of menstruation is a significant sign of puberty. Even though we learn a bit about it in primary school, most people still worry or do not fully comprehend the topic. For example, sudden appearance and disappearance of menstruation for six months might prompt questions like, “Is this contagious?”

In such cases, it can be troublesome for young girls to feel at ease, as not everyone understands the process of their bodies aligning with their hormones. It’s similar to having a new classmate who takes a semester to fit in and understand everyone else in the class.

Cramps and Menstrual Pain

Every girl anticipates the arrival of her period. However, some worry about cancer or complications related to their reproductive system. By following a well-balanced diet and adjusting hormone levels, one can alleviate the pain and irregularities associated with menstruation. Some girls experience severe menstrual cramps and have to take time off, which leads them to believe their ovaries are dysfunctional. However, the cramps are caused by the endometrial lining pushing the menstrual blood out and the release of prostaglandin.

Acne Troubles

There’s a secret saying among girls, “Those with acne have the advantage.” Acne is mainly caused by an excess of testosterone, which leads to oily skin and clogged pores. If you have an excess of testosterone, chances are you like someone of the opposite sex. It’s understandable that some may worry about losing these “acne marks.”

The New Era

This is an issue that causes distress for families, schools, and society as a whole. Some parents are thrilled when their teenagers share their passwords, but become enraged if they use inappropriate usernames. However, once they reach adolescence, they forget about it. These individuals tend to be talkative and do things without thinking. The more they feel threatened, the more they speculate about their own actions, and sometimes even leave home following their “call of love.”

Money has been spent, stomach aches and body changes have occurred, and yet, they continue to want more. Temptations increase, but regrets do not come easily. What’s even more dangerous is proving your love by referring to a rented room as “home.” As the saying goes, “Having a daughter is like a slow-burning bomb,” and if it explodes, it hurts the hearts of an older couple. Sơn was a “fake doctor” who could not predict the consequences. After the incident with the enlarged breasts, when he heard that his girlfriend was pregnant, he ran away because he blamed himself.

According to statistics, our country has the highest abortion rate globally, with adolescents accounting for about 20%. During holidays and festivals, private clinics and maternity hospitals are flooded with young mothers seeking solutions to the consequences of their long-distance relationships. It may have seemed like a casual affair, but the situation turned out to be more complicated. Infections, inflammation, and reproductive system issues can lead to painful labor. Moreover, the emotional toll of “losing a loved one” persists and fluctuates.

Inspiration is trending, but the desire for a romantic relationship remains popular. The dangerous part is that this age group is exposed to violent shocks, and no one can be certain of the consequences. However, if they engage in sexual activities, the repercussions can be severe.

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