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Describe someone’s personality using English words? Personality is diverse with many different types, but here, I will compile with you the most impressive and interesting vocabulary to describe personality. Let’s get started!

30 vocabulary words about personality that you should know

  1. Impartial: Fair, without bias or prejudice. Example: As chairman, I must remain impartial.
  2. Intuitive: Able to understand something based on feelings rather than facts. Example: I don’t think that women are necessarily more intuitive than men.
  3. Inventive: Creative and independent in thought or action. Example: She has a highly inventive mind.
  4. Passionate: Having or expressing strong emotions. Example: A passionate woman has auditioned about nine times to join this contest.
  5. Persistent: Determined to do something despite difficulties. Example: She can be very persistent when she wants something.
  6. Philosophical: Having a calm attitude towards difficult situations. Example: He was philosophical about losing, saying he’d be back next year to try again.
  7. Practical: Connected with real situations rather than theories. Example: He offered her some practical advice.
  8. Rational: Able to think clearly and make decisions based on reason. Example: No rational person would ever behave like that.
  9. Reliable: Worthy of trust. Example: He was a very reliable and honest man who would never betray anyone.
  10. Resourceful: Good at finding ways to solve problems. Example: These women were strong, resourceful, and courageous.
  11. Sensible: Able to make good judgments based on reason and experience. Example: She’s a sensible sort of person.
  12. Sincere: Showing what you really think or feel. Example: We offer our sincere sympathy to the two families.
  13. Sympathetic: Kind and understanding towards others’ problems. Example: She was very sympathetic when I was sick.
  14. Unassuming: Not wanting to draw attention to yourself or your abilities. Example: He did some wonderful work in a quiet and unassuming way.
  15. Witty: Demonstrating cleverness and humor. Example: Somebody made a witty remark about needing a forklift truck.
  16. Adaptable: Able to change and deal with new situations. Example: Older workers can be as adaptable and quick to learn as anyone else.
  17. Adventurous: Willing to take risks and try new ideas. Example: Many teachers would like to be more adventurous and creative.
  18. Affectionate: Showing caring feelings and love for someone. Example: He is very affectionate towards his children.
  19. Ambitious: Determined to be successful, rich, powerful, etc. Example: They were very ambitious for their children.
  20. Amiable: Pleasant, friendly, and easy to like. Example: Her parents seemed very amiable.
  21. Compassionate: Feeling or showing sympathy for people or animals who are suffering. Example: Politicians are not usually regarded as warm or compassionate people.
  22. Considerate: Always thinking of other people’s wishes and feelings. Example: She is always polite and considerate towards her employees.
  23. Courageous: Able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching. Example: I hope people will be courageous enough to speak out against this injustice.
  24. Courteous: Polite, especially in a way that shows respect. Example: The hotel staff is friendly and courteous.
  25. Diligent: Showing care and effort in your work or duties. Example: Being diligent is significantly important for freshmen at university.
  26. Empathetic: Able to understand how somebody else feels. Example: The medical profession requires doctors to be both clinically competent and empathetic towards their patients.
  27. Exuberant: Full of energy, excitement, and happiness. Example: A noisy bunch of exuberant youngsters was gathered outside.
  28. Frank: Honest and direct in what you say. Example: He was very frank about his relationship with the actress.
  29. Generous: Giving or willing to give freely. Example: The gallery was named after its most generous benefactor.
  30. Gregarious: Liking to be with other people. Example: She’s very outgoing and gregarious.

Other common adjectives

  • Brilliant: Intelligent.
  • Creative: Innovative.
  • Kind: Generous.
  • Helpful: Willing to assist.
  • Positive: Optimistic.
  • Reliable: Trustworthy.
  • Talkative: Chatty.
  • Unfriendly: Not friendly.

Vocabulary about personality in IELTS Speaking

The topic of characters and personalities is very interesting in IELTS Speaking. Here are some sample answers for this topic in Speaking Part 1 and high-level vocabulary about this topic.

Part 1:

How would you describe your personality?
=> I think I take after my father as I’m quite serious. I always demand the best possible results in everything I do. Sometimes I can even be too careful with unimportant things and trivial matters.

Do you have a similar personality to your friends?
=> So many of my friends are introverts, and so am I. I tend to stay at home or hang out in quiet places rather than going to crowded places with all the hustle and bustle. Some people might say I’m a little reserved, but I think that’s my true self.

Are you similar or different from your siblings?
=> My older brother and I are very similar. We both love staying indoors and having fun online. But my youngest sister is the exact opposite. I’d say she is always fun-loving and tends to be a bit extroverted. She is certainly the life and soul of the party.

Part 2:

Describe a teacher you once had who you enjoyed being taught by.
=> I’d like to describe my Literature teacher from high school, Mrs. Huong. In terms of appearance, she always looks young and gorgeous, although she is in her fifties now. She has long black hair, and her fashion style is always fabulous.

However, the most impressive thing about her is her personality. Although sometimes she could easily lose her temper, she was really understanding and thoughtful. When I was a tenth-grader, I was really interested in following my musical passion. Sometimes, I even skipped classes to practice music for competitions. She didn’t get mad at me, though. Instead, she gave me advice on how to balance between learning and extracurricular activities.

What’s more, she had a great sense of humor. We couldn’t stop laughing at her jokes when she was teaching literature, and that truly helped students absorb her lessons better. Finally, I think she was also attention-seeking and ambitious. Whenever she participated in any activities, she always wanted to win. She’s not the type of person to hide her light under a bushel. She always wanted to be the brightest star.

All in all, she was the teacher that had the most significant impact on my younger days. I think her personality is why she won the heart of all students.

Part 3:

  • Which personal qualities do you want to pass on to your children?
    => I certainly want my children to be confident and self-reliant. If people have faith in themselves and can stand on their own feet, they are able to face what life has to offer. But, I hope they wouldn’t be self-centered. They also need to consider the feelings and listen to the opinions of others.

  • Which characteristics do you think are the least appealing in a person?
    => I believe that narrow-minded people are the most difficult to get on with. They are never willing to consider other people’s opinions and always think they’re right and others are wrong.

  • Which personality types do you think are less likely to suffer from stress or anxiety?
    => Probably people who are thick-skinned because they don’t let other people’s criticism or negative words affect them too much. They just focus on their goals and keep doing what they do. Also, being clear-headed is a desirable trait since people will be less likely to overreact to situations or lose their temper.


These are the impressive vocabulary words to describe personality. You can apply them in your daily conversations. In the IELTS Speaking test, you will need to share about a person in your family, relatives, or someone who has left a mark in your life. To prepare well for this topic, you should read more about the topic “Describe a person” in IELTS Speaking and practice to improve your skills. You can also check out articles on other topics such as Jobs Vocabulary and the most common vocabulary by topics.

Good luck with your studies!

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