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Hey there! Welcome to, your go-to source for expert knowledge and information. Today, we’re diving into the meaning behind the title “Tức nước vỡ bờ” from Ngô Tất Tố’s masterpiece, “Tắt đèn” (Turning off the lights). In this article, we’ll provide you with a concise explanation of the literal and figurative meanings of the title. So, let’s get started!

Understanding the Literal and Figurative Meanings

1. Literal and Figurative Explanation of “Tức nước vỡ bờ”

The phrase “Tức nước vỡ bờ” can be broken down into two parts. “Tức nước” means “water is full to the brim, almost overflowing,” and “vỡ bờ” refers to the act of water bursting through its boundaries. This phenomenon occurs when the water level becomes too high and the force of the water overwhelms the banks, causing it to spill out.

In a figurative sense, “Tức nước vỡ bờ” represents the idea that every person has their breaking point. People are willing to endure and tolerate things that fall within their limits. However, when something goes beyond their threshold, they will resist and react fiercely, just like the powerful force of water breaking through its banks. This concept is often summarized in the Vietnamese proverb, “Con giun xéo lắm cũng quằn” (Even an earthworm will squirm when pushed too far). It is an essential law of life.

The Significance of “Tức nước vỡ bờ” in “Tắt đèn”

In the novel “Tắt đèn,” the chosen title “Tức nước vỡ bờ” encapsulates the struggles faced by the main character, Chị Dậu. She tirelessly works to earn money for her husband’s gambling debts, even to the point of selling her beloved daughter. Despite her desperate pleas, the oppressive rulers refuse to show mercy and continue to torment her husband, who is already weak and ill. Left with no other option, Chị Dậu ultimately rises up against these tyrants to protect her husband.

The title “Tức nước vỡ bờ” also reflects the social conditions in Vietnam before the August Revolution, especially the plight of the rural population, particularly the farmers who suffered from extreme poverty. This title invokes empathy from readers and highlights the resentment towards the oppressive colonial-feudal regime.


And there you have it! We’ve explored the meaning behind the title “Tức nước vỡ bờ” and its significance within Ngô Tất Tố’s novel “Tắt đèn”. This title captures the essence of human resilience and the breaking point we all have. It sheds light on the challenging social conditions and the determination of individuals to fight against oppression.

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