Tuổi 2002 Mệnh Gì: Những Điều Cần Biết Về Tứ Trụ Sinh Năm 2002


The year 2002 witnessed significant changes in the world, marking the birth of various industrial and scientific revolutions. Yet, for those born in 2002, what matters most is not the global transformation, but rather their own destiny.

If you were born in 2002 and are curious about your fate, this article will provide you with a deeper understanding of the characteristics, personality, and potential of the Horse-born individuals.

Birth Chart

The term “Four Pillars” refers to the day, month, and year of a person’s birth, which is considered the determining factor of their destiny and future. The Four Pillars consist of four crucial elements: the year, month, day, and hour of birth.

  • Year of Birth
  • Month of Birth
  • Day of Birth
  • Hour of Birth

The group of individuals born in 2002 includes those born between January 1, 2002, and December 31, 2002.

Destiny Chart

Characteristics of the Four Pillars Born in 2002

To uncover the destiny and potential of the Four Pillars, it is necessary to analyze their constituent elements. Here are the key characteristics of those born in 2002:

1. Month of Birth: Mão (Wood and Metal Combination)

The month of birth for this group is Mão, which combines the elements of Wood and Metal. This indicates that individuals born in 2002 possess a flexible, creative, and artistic personality. However, they may also lack patience and easily become angry.

2. Day of Birth: Chẳng Qua Là Một Ngày Thường (Just Another Ordinary Day)

The day of birth for those born in 2002 is known as “Chẳng Qua Là Một Ngày Thường.” This signifies a cheerful, friendly, and open-hearted nature. They are always willing to lend a helping hand, but may be susceptible to being taken advantage of.

3. Hour of Birth: Tý (Wood)

The hour of birth for this group is Tý, representing the Wood element. This suggests that individuals born in 2002 possess intelligence, flexibility, and creativity. They have the ability to adapt quickly to their surroundings and constantly strive for personal growth.


Potentials and Challenges for Those Born in 2002

1. Potentials

  • Artistic Talent: Individuals born in 2002 often exhibit a natural flair for creativity and a passion for the arts. They have the potential to excel in fields such as music, painting, film, and design.
  • Flexibility and Creativity: With a flexible and creative personality, those born in 2002 have the ability to quickly adapt to their surroundings and constantly seek ways to develop themselves.
  • Essence of Compassion: Individuals born in 2002 possess sensitive and compassionate spirits, allowing them to easily connect and cooperate with others.

2. Challenges

  • Lacking Patience and Prone to Anger: Those born in 2002 tend to lack patience and easily become angry when faced with difficulties in life.
  • Vulnerable to Exploitation: Due to their friendly and open nature, individuals born in 2002 can easily fall prey to the manipulations of those around them.

Determining Destiny and Problem Solving for Those Born in 2002

1. Determining Destiny

To accurately determine the destiny of the birth chart in 2002, an analysis and calculation of its component factors are required. Feng shui formulas can be used to ascertain the destiny, considering factors such as birth time, birth hour, birth location, and the distance between these elements.

Destiny Calculation

2. Problem Solving

  • Developing Patience: Those born in 2002 must improve their patience and understand that no achievement comes effortlessly.
  • Embracing Self-Protection: Given their friendly and open nature, individuals born in 2002 should learn to protect themselves to avoid being taken advantage of.
  • Nurturing Talent: It is important for those born in 2002 to nurture and cultivate their talents and passions, especially in the realms of art and creativity.


Individuals born in 2002 under the Four Pillars possess a flexible, creative, and artistic personality. However, they may also lack patience and be susceptible to exploitation. To unlock their potential and overcome these challenges, those born in 2002 need to enhance their patience, learn self-defense, and nurture their talents.

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