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The Journey to Becoming a Performer in the Circus

Have you ever dreamt of stepping into the dazzling world of the circus? In the exercise book for Vietnamese language grade 4, pages 45 and 46, you will find an interesting story that explores this exciting theme. Let’s delve into the details and help make your writing exercises a breeze!

Exercise: Developing a Narrative Paragraph

Question 1 (Page 45): Read the following story excerpt:

*”Em Va-li-a was taken by her parents to watch a circus show. Among all the performances, she loved the act called “The Girl Riding a Horse and Playing the Instrument”. Deep down, she dreamed of becoming a performer in that very act.

Em Va-li-a decided to pursue her dream by learning circus skills. Surprisingly, she was assigned a job to clean the horse stable by the circus director. Though taken aback, she enthusiastically took up the responsibility.

Em Va-li-a diligently maintained the cleanliness of the horse stable and got acquainted with the performing horse throughout her training period.

Finally, Em Va-li-a achieved her long-cherished dream and became a performer herself.”*


Va-li-a’s journey to becoming a performer began when her parents took her to the circus. Mesmerized by “The Girl Riding a Horse and Playing the Instrument” act, she aspired to become a performer in that awe-inspiring performance.

She approached the circus director, expressing her interest in learning circus skills. To her surprise, the director assigned her the role of cleaning the horse stable. Although unexpected, Va-li-a accepted the task wholeheartedly.

With dedication, Va-li-a maintained the cleanliness of the stable and forged a bond with the performance horse during her training.

In the end, Va-li-a’s dream materialized as she transformed into a genuine circus performer.

Exercise: Completing a Narrative Paragraph

Question 2 (Page 46): Your friend Hà attempted to write all four paragraphs of this story but struggled to complete any of them. Your task is to choose one of the incomplete paragraphs and fill in the missing parts based on the suggestions provided in Vietnamese language grade 4, pages 73-74.



Paragraph 2:

A. Opening: In that summer, Va-Li-a turned one year old. One day, her parents took her to watch a circus show.

B. Development: Every act in the circus show was captivating, but Va-Li-a was particularly drawn to the performance by the girl who rode the horse and played the instrument. The girl showcased tremendous courage as she gracefully handled the horse without holding its reins, while strumming the strings of her instrument, filling the air with delightful melodies. The music was enchanting, captivating the hearts of the audience. Even the horse seemed to understand the music, moving in perfect synchrony with the rhythm.

Paragraph 3:

A. Development: On that sunny morning, Va-li-a accompanied her father to the circus to meet the circus director. After sharing her aspirations, the director warmly smiled at her and led her to the horse stable. In the stable, she saw a magnificent white horse. The director pointed at the horse and said, “From now on, your responsibility will be taking care of this beautiful white horse. Ensure that the horse is well-fed and the stable remains clean.” Va-li-a was surprised, and she looked at the director as if she wanted to ask a question. However, after a brief moment of contemplation, she grabbed the broom and began sweeping.

Paragraph 4:

A. Opening: From that day onwards, Va-li-a diligently carried out her duties, working tirelessly in each horse stable.

B. Conclusion: Eventually, she grew accustomed to her tasks and developed a close bond with the horse, her future co-star.

References and Additional Exercises

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