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In this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of Vietnamese literature, specifically focusing on a few passages from the fifth-grade Vietnamese language workbook, Tập làm văn. We will analyze the vivid imagery and poetic language used to describe various natural settings. Join us as we appreciate the expertise, authority, credibility, and experience showcased in these literary pieces.

Captivating Imagery

Rừng trưa

In the first exercise on page 10 of Tập làm văn, students are asked to describe their favorite images from the essays “Rừng trưa” and “Chiều tối.” Let’s explore some of the captivating scenes portrayed in “Rừng trưa”:

  • The shimmering golden sunlight.
  • The tropical flowers, vibrant and ephemeral, blossoming only to quickly wither under the scorching sun.
  • The ceaseless melodies of chirping birds, resonating through the deep blue sky.

Chiều tối

Moving on to “Chiều tối,” we encounter another set of mesmerizing descriptions:

  • The darkness, like a thin veil or fluffy dust, gradually enveloping everything in its black haze.
  • The early chirping of cicadas.
  • The flickering dance of fireflies, hovering high and low, occasionally landing on the grass.

Writing Exercise

The second exercise on page 11 of Tập làm văn challenges students to write a paragraph describing a morning (or afternoon or evening) scene in a garden (or park, street, field, or farm) based on the outline they prepared in the previous lesson. Here’s a sample paragraph written by a student:

Note: The following passage is for reference only and provides guidance for students’ writing exercise. The original text should be unique and reflect each individual student’s ideas and experiences.

“Our home is located in Ho Chi Minh City, a bustling metropolis. However, the small lane where I live is surprisingly peaceful, especially in the early morning. During the summer, I often wake up early to go for a morning walk with my grandfather. Together, we chat and exercise. Along the street, a few small coffee shops open only in the morning. People sit there, reading newspapers and engaging in conversations. The cool morning breeze is refreshing. Occasionally, a couple of leaves fall gently from the aging trees by the roadside, swaying in the wind before landing on the pavement. It seems as if the group of birds perched on the branches is causing a few leaves to dislodge, creating a faint rustling sound. My grandfather usually stops near our house to wait for the newspaper delivery person. He is always in a hurry, quickly grabbing the newspaper and disappearing. A few rays of morning sunlight filter through the gaps between the leaves, dancing on the courtyard. On both sides of the road, shops and stores begin to open. People start going to work, though only a tiny fraction of the bustling noise from the street penetrates here. I can only hear the chirping of birds and the gentle echoes of a peaceful new day. I truly adore this street.”


In this exploration of the Vietnamese language workbook Tập làm văn, we have witnessed the beauty of Vietnamese literature, filled with rich descriptive language and captivating scenes from nature. We hope this glimpse into the expertise, authority, and experience conveyed in these literary works has sparked your interest in further exploring the wonders of Vietnamese culture. To continue your journey, visit, a website dedicated to providing valuable insights and knowledge.

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