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What exactly are Women ERGs?

Women Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary communities within companies that aim to promote the personal and professional development of women employees. These groups focus on increasing diversity, recruitment, and advancement of women, as well as providing mentorship opportunities. They also raise awareness about women’s rights, particularly in industries where female representation is low.

Why is it important to organize events for your Women ERG?

Organizing events for your Women ERG plays a crucial role in achieving its objectives. By highlighting the issues women face and advocating for change, these events help foster a supportive and empowering environment. For instance, the installation of the “Fearless Girl” statue in New York aimed to promote women’s access to leadership positions on corporate boards.


Creative Event Ideas for Women ERGs

1. Host meetings

Organize informal dinners, luncheons, cinema outings, or museum visits for women within your company to meet and discuss. These regular meetings can strengthen confidence, solidarity, and reduce anxiety among employees. Follow the lead of companies like Docusign, where such meetings have been highly successful in fostering support and encouragement between women.

2. Create a mentoring program

Implement a mentoring program within your Women ERG to provide guidance and support for future women leaders. Learn from companies like Red Peg Marketing and Dassault Systèmes, who have successfully launched mentoring initiatives to propel women into higher management positions.

3. Questions & answers events on women’s history and rights

To raise awareness about women’s rights, organize fun in-house Q&A events. Test employees’ knowledge on topics such as when women obtained the right to vote or when contraception was authorized. You can also quiz them on famous feminist figures throughout history. Software company New Relic has successfully organized such events during Women’s Month.

4. Organize a film screening

Host film screenings that focus on feminist films or those addressing women’s rights. Films like “Suffragette,” “On the Basis of Sex,” and “Made in Dagenham” tell inspiring stories about women fighting for equality. Engage attendees by discussing key takeaways from the films and their relevance to the Women ERG’s goals.

5. Meditation and yoga sessions

Arrange meditation and yoga workshops to promote relaxation, concentration, and productivity. Companies like MongoDB have successfully held yoga and meditation sessions for Women’s Day. Consider opening these workshops to other employees to build connections with other ERGs and colleagues.

Organize Virtual and Hybrid Events for Your Women ERG

Given the current virtual event landscape, consider using event management software (EMS) to manage virtual or hybrid Women ERG events. Many companies have already organized successful virtual or hybrid events, such as virtual conferences, webinars, mentoring workshops, and social media campaigns. An EMS can simplify event management, improve productivity, and save time.

Be empowered to create impactful events for your Women ERG with the help of Start for free and discover how you can make a difference today!

Ask us how to create your next Women ERG event.

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