Sa Hoa hay Xa Hoa là từ đúng? 60% Người sẽ trả lời Sai!

Can you confidently say you’re using the correct term between “Xa Hoa” and “Sa Hoa”? Let’s find out!

Do you use the phrase “Hàng xóm nhà tôi tổ chức đám cưới cho con họ thật Sa Hoa!”? Or is it “Hàng xóm nhà tôi tổ chức đám cưới cho con họ thật Xa Hoa!”?

The Vietnamese language is fascinating, and if you can overcome all the spelling mistakes to truly understand words, you will have the most powerful tool to explore the knowledge of our nation.

Today, we will dive into the meanings of “Sa Hoa” and “Xa Hoa” to help you avoid confusion in both daily communication and writing.

“Xa Hoa” or “Sa Hoa”? Which One is Correct?

→ Answer: “Xa Hoa” is the correct Vietnamese term.

If you want to become a skilled writer or a public figure, you must distinguish between “Xa Hoa” and “Sa Hoa”! Why is only “Xa Hoa” the correct term?!

You will receive many admiring looks for not mistaking “Xa Hoa” for “Sa Hoa”. But imagine what others will think if you make that mistake…~

So let’s first understand…

What does “Xa Hoa” mean?

Xa Hoa is an adjective that indicates excessive extravagance, ostentation, and waste.”

  • Some synonyms of “Xa Hoa” include: Hoang phí (waste), lãng phí (squander), vẽ vời (ostentatious), phô trương (exaggerating),…

  • Antonyms of “Xa Hoa” can be mentioned as Bủn xỉn (frugal), Bần tiện (shabby), nghèo hèn (poor),…

That’s the definition, and with a little help from a Vietnamese dictionary, you’ll have the answer. But here, to help you understand the deeper meaning of “Xa Hoa”, we will break it down:

  • Xa: indicates the distance, separation.

  • Hoa: refers to the decoration, unnecessary embellishment.

So when Xa + Hoa = Xa Hoa, it means excessive, unnecessary embellishment and distance from others, distance from reality.

For example:

  • Wealthy gentlemen often live a luxurious lifestyle.

  • She dresses extravagantly every time she appears in public.

Why is “Sa Hoa” incorrect?

In addition to the fact that “Sa Hoa” is not listed in our Vietnamese dictionary, by analyzing it similarly to before, you can also recognize why “Sa Hoa” is incorrect in Vietnamese:

1. The meaning of the word “Sa”:

  • Sa (noun): refers to a type or category.

  • Sa (verb): refers to being stuck, trapped in an unfavorable situation.

Examples using “Sa”:

  • Due to circumstances, Kiều had to enter the path of Sa màn chiếu rủ (a kind of entertainment).

  • The fishing boat is Sa vào một vùng lốc xoáy của bão (lost in a whirlwind area of the storm).

2. The meaning of “Hoa”:

  • Hoa (noun): the reproductive organ of angiosperm plants, usually with color and fragrance. The word “Hoa” can also be used to refer to objects, patterns that are beautiful, resembling flowers.

  • Hoa (adjective): the visual state of blurred, unclear surroundings and feeling dizzy or lightheaded due to fatigue.

Examples using “Hoa”:

  • The red Rose flowers with their fragrance captivate many people.

  • The floral shirt my mother recently bought is really beautiful!

  • Working on the project until the end of the year, there were days when I was so tired that my vision became blurred and I felt dizzy.

From the analysis above, you will realize that there is no logical combination of SA + HOA = SA HOAIt does not give a reasonable meaning to describe the wasteful, flaunting wealth of others!

Therefore, SA HOA is an incorrect term in Vietnamese!

Conclusion often applies the method of analyzing individual words in compound words to help understand the meaning of each vocabulary. If you come across any confusion or spelling mistakes with any words, remember to apply this method. It is quite practical and will save you a lot of time searching the dictionary!

Of course, if you have a little extra time, simply pick up your smartphone and ask Google in the following structure: “[Confused word] +

For example, if you say: “Is it Sa Hoa or Xa Hoa“, you will find similar articles like this one from to help you overcome the spelling errors that you are currently facing.

Good luck with your journey!

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